I found a genie inside of a lamp that I bought from an antique store. I didn’t believe it at first, but she was actually real. Her name was Reela and she was very beautiful. She said that there are no limit for my wish, and she will serve me until I wish her to no longer serve me, then her lamp will disappear and she will find a new master.

I use my wish to help me in my everyday life, making my job easier, cleaning up my house, and other normal wish. I guess I was actually pretty satisfied with how I am now, and I didn’t want to wish for money or fame.

I bonded with Reela quickly, because she always accompany me wherever I go and we also talk a lot to each other. But I must admit, I was having a sexual attraction towards her. Seeing her sexy frame, tan skin, exotic face, and the way she talk to me always turned me on, but I didn’t say anything to her. I know I can wish her to have sex with me, but I didn’t want to force her to do it.

One day, I encourage myself to tell her how I feel.
“Um Reela, I have something to tell you. Since the first time I saw you, your body always turn me on. I really want to have sex with you, but I want to respect you and I don’t want to force you doing something that you wouldn’t do.” I said to her
“Oh Master, why don’t you say so. I will so pleased to do it for you.” She said with a big smile on her face.
“But can I ask for one thing before we do it?”
“Of course Master, anything for you…”
“Well, I have this fantasy about having sex as a girl. And I was wondering if I could borrow your body to experience sex as a girl. You know, we both swap bodies..” I said hesitantly
“Yes Master, of course you can have my body. But there will be a downside to it. The magic of the genie is bonded into this body, and if I swap our bodies you will be the genie and I will be the master. I don’t know if I want that to happen to you Master.” Reela said to me
“Owh.. I see. Well thats okay, I won’t mind taking your place. Come on swap our body.” I said eagerly, can’t contain my excitement of swapping bodies with Reela.
“Okay Master, I promise after the sex I will wish that we both swap back. I don’t feel comfortable taking your place Master.” She said as she did her magic.

Instantly I can feel a surge of energy running in my body, and when I open my eyes, I can see my old face in front of me.
“Master, you did it!” I meant to say Reela, but somehow I call her Master. I checked out myself and I am really her. I wore her genie outfit, I can feel the weigh on my chest and I love my tanned skin. I feel so sexy as her.
“Wow, Master, or should I say Reela. Your body really turned me on.” She said as she admired her old self, and I can see a bulge in her crotch.
“Shall we start, Master?” I asked her in a seductive tone
“Wait,I hope you don’t mind, but I want to wish for one thing before we start.”
“Anything Master.” I said automatically
“I really like my outfit, and I don’t feel like you taking them off, how about I wish for your outfit o merge to your skin.” She wished, and I automatically blinked my eyes fulfilling her wish.
I can feel my outfit like melting, and merging into my skin. I felt like paint but different. Even the necklace on my neck merged into my skin. After the merging was completed, I felt like I still dressed but also felt naked at the same time, I can see that my nipples was clearly visible now.
“Now, let me have you my little Reela..” She said as she picked me up and dropped me on the bed. My new figure was smaller compared to my old body, which made her easily picked me up. She undo her pants revealing her now erected cock, and began thrusting it io my moist vagina.
It was probably the best sex I’ve ever experience and I experienced while being a genie. What a magical thing.
After the sex, we then fell asleep together, I hugged my feminine form into her now big and masculine form. It really gave me a feeling of comfort and secure.

The next morning I woke up still inside Reela’s form. I was greeted by my Master, as she gave me a soft kiss on my lips.
“Ready to swap back?” she asked, while caressing my long hair.
“Um, Master, if I can be honest to you I actually like being Reela. If you don’t mind, can we stay in this form a little longer?” I said to her
“Wow, I don’t know you’ll say that. Of course not, we can stay like this for as long as you want. But on one condition.”
“Tell me, what is it Master?”
“I actually like you since the first time you freed me from my lamp, and I always want to be with you. I want you to be my girlfriend, Reela.” she said while holding my hands
“Then wish for it Master.” I blushed, and smiled to her
“I wish you to be my girlfriend”
“Granted. I love you Master..” I said, and we kissed passionately.

Becoming Reela was the best thing that ever happen to me. Having her sexy body, being a genie, and having her inside my body as my boyfriend was the best. Our relationship was great, she knew that she is my Master and I must always obey her but she also respect my and always asked what I want so she can help wish it for me. And on top of that the sex was always the one thing I was looking forward to..


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