My milkshake

Kyle had ordered a new milkshake off the internet, guaranteed to “give you your fantasy body in 40 days.” It seemed too good to be true but he figured what the hell, and hit the order button. To his surprise it came the next day, and when he opened it he was disappointed to see that they were all strawberry flavored.

Kyle still tried one that day, not bothering to read the directions and it actually wasn’t bad. For the first week Kyle had one every day and didn’t really notice anything changing with his body, although he did realize that he hadn’t shaved all week and that his skin was getting a bit smoother.

By the end of the second week Kyle was getting excited, as his body had started to slim down. His arms and legs were thinner, and his waist was narrowing as well, although it seemed like his hips were expanding a bit. Also his face looked a little softer and his hair was growing a little faster than normal. He decided to try a different look and instead of getting a haircut he let it grow out.

After 3 weeks Kyle knew something was off. His body was softening even more, his ass had started putting on some weight, as had his chest, but everywhere else he was continuing to slim down. Looking in the mirror he realized that his body had started to take on an hourglass shape, and his hair was down to his neck, giving him a pixie haircut. With a little effort he realized he could pass for a girl. Kyle realized that the shake was the only explanation and vowed not to have another one.
This goal was short lived, he lasted one day without a shake before he was going through what could only be described as withdrawals, and the next day he started hitting the shakes again.

By the time week 4 rolled around, Kyle realized that he was being turned into a girl. His ass had filled out nicely, and his hips had flared out even more, giving him an amazing hourglass shape. His chest had also expanded out to a pair of B cup tits, and his face had softened even more; his nose narrowing, every irregularity and blemish disappearing, and electric green eyes replacing his dull brown ones. Kyle again had thoughts of giving up the shakes, but that thought died as soon as it entered his head, he was hooked on them.

Week 5 was the last of physical changes, and when Kyle looked in the mirror a blonde hottie stared back at him. With long flowing blonde hair that almost reached down to his ass. His body was tight and toned, what would normally take countless hours at a gym to achieve. He had a pair of amazingly perky C cup tits, and a tight toned ass that was to die for. He had to go out and buy an entire wardrobe, as obviously nothing he owned fit right.

The last week of changes were under the hood so to speak. Kayla found herself acting more and more girly, putting on make up, checking out cute boys, and spending lots of time at the gym keeping her body good and tight. She started dressing girly too, wearing dresses and skirts and low cut top, anything to show off her assets to all the hunky guys she came across.

Finally on day 40 Kayla woke up and realized she was on her last shake. She got out of bed, leaving the stud she had fucked the night before and put on a tiny little shirt and blue shorts which did little other than cover her up. Making her way to the kitchen she made her last shake and savored every drop. As she did that she looked at the package and read it, something she had neglected when she started.

“Warning: may cause gender and mind transformation for heterosexual users” She started wondering what that meant but then she felt a pair of arms around her waist and kisses being planted on her neck, and she turned her attention toward her lover, throwing away the packaging forever.


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