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I found a genie inside of a lamp that I bought from an antique store. I didn’t believe it at first, but she was actually real. Her name was Reela and she was very beautiful. She said that there are no limit for my wish, and she will serve me until I wish her to no longer serve me, then her lamp will disappear and she will find a new master. Read more

Genie Series #31. @Skxawng

Genie read Joseph’s wish “Hey Genie, my name is Joseph. I only get one wish? Then I wish I could have your magical power so I could fulfill all of my other wishes!”, she couldn’t help but giggle. “Oh Joseph, you want to be a Genie like myself? sorry, but I can’t allow that. Although, there are many other magical beings I can turn you into. There hasn’t been a black winged angel for centuries. I think you’ll make a perfect one. Wish granted” Genie said. Read more

Finally Found It

My Birthday this year was unforgettable, I had some fun with my friends at work, some of them got me a new watch that I really like, but the most memorable thing was receiving a present from an unknown sender. Someone rang my doorbell, and when I opened my door, there was noone there, but only a box with a pink ribbon on it. Read more

Secret Agent

Tom was working as a part timer in a cafe, he worked there because he was saving to buy his first car, and also to do something in his spare time. One day, a man in suit came to the cafe, he took the man’s order and made him a cup of Americano. Read more

Having fun with his power

[This is a continuation from my caption “Blue Panies”. Request from @asaccio02]

A few weeks after Ryan showed his friend about his shape shifting ability, he could shape shift into anyone by just wearing a piece of clothing, and he would transformed into the person who wore it last. He was kinda still intrigued by the feeling of being a woman and having the sensations he never felt before, when he transformed into his friend’s neighbor. Ryan wanted to feel being a girl again, but he also felt wrong to shape shift himself into someone he knew, he had an idea to sneak into his sister’s room and steal an article of her clothing, but it felt wrong. Read more

Birthday (@Skxawng)

As Skxawng got home from a long day, he found a small giftwrapped box in his living room. It was his birthday, so it didn’t seem out of place. He ripped it open and found a note inside: “I hope you enjoy your birthday gift. There are no rules nor limits, and you are bound only by your imagination. Have fun, love Kimkat”. Read more

The gift(Skxawng)

Today is Joseph’s birthday and to his surprise, someone sent him a packet. He grabbed it out in the hope to find out who sent it. But there was only an oriental-looking oil lamp. “Seems someone knows my fascination with genies.” He thought and rub for fun over the lamp.
A blue cloud of smoke came out and completely enveloped him, in shock he dropped the lamp. Next, everything went to quickly for Joseph.
The smoke dissolved his clothes.
His body became smaller. His male physique disappeared and took female curves. His skin was smooth and soft as his body hair disappeared.
But he now had long hair on his head and his face looked like that of a woman.
His penis pulled back into his body and a vagina was formed.
His chest began to grow until it had reached F cup.
The smoke began to dissolve itself, leaving Joseph body with make-up and a blue genie outfit.
Instinctively he grabbed the new strange feeling on his chest and looked down briefly and said, “What the …” He stoped his sentence when he heard his female voice for the first time. Read more

Das Geschenk (Skxawng)

Heute ist Joseph Geburtstag und zu seiner Überraschung hat ihn wer ein packet geschickt. Er packte es aus in der in der Hoffnung heraus zu finden wer es ihn geschickt hat. Aber es war nur einer orientalisch aussehende Öllampe drin. „Anscheinend kennt jemand meine Faszination für Flaschengeister.“ Dachte er und reib zum Spaß über die Lampe. Read more

Birthday gift (Skxawng)

Ryan woke up in the morning and slowly headed to the kitchen for something to drink. It was his birthday today and he couldn’t wait for his friends to come over for a party. It was still some time until then so Ryan decided to check some new captions on open tg, where he was also writing under the name Skxawng. After a quick check Ryan was about to take a shower when he heard the doorbell. Wondering who could it be Ryan went to answer. Read more

Extra Experience

James picked up a prostitute earlier, and checked in to a hotel room to have some good time. It was quite expensive to enjoy Claire’s body for the night but he thought it was worth it. Claire get ready on the bed, wearing some sexy leather outfit that really turned James on. But before James started, she offered him extra experience for more pleasure with some extra bucks, James didn’t mind those extra bucks all he wanted was a good time.
And in an instant, he felt himself sitting on the bed staring back at himself with weird sensations all over his body. It turned out Claire was a body hopper and use her power to swap bodies with her client to gain more money.
James was shocked to find himself in the body of Claire, he felt so small and weak compared to his old body which is now occupied by Claire. And he was about to experience the greatest sex experience he ever had.
Which made him only crave for more..