Extra Experience

James picked up a prostitute earlier, and checked in to a hotel room to have some good time. It was quite expensive to enjoy Claire’s body for the night but he thought it was worth it. Claire get ready on the bed, wearing some sexy leather outfit that really turned James on. But before James started, she offered him extra experience for more pleasure with some extra bucks, James didn’t mind those extra bucks all he wanted was a good time.
And in an instant, he felt himself sitting on the bed staring back at himself with weird sensations all over his body. It turned out Claire was a body hopper and use her power to swap bodies with her client to gain more money.
James was shocked to find himself in the body of Claire, he felt so small and weak compared to his old body which is now occupied by Claire. And he was about to experience the greatest sex experience he ever had.
Which made him only crave for more..


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