Finally Found It

My Birthday this year was unforgettable, I had some fun with my friends at work, some of them got me a new watch that I really like, but the most memorable thing was receiving a present from an unknown sender. Someone rang my doorbell, and when I opened my door, there was noone there, but only a box with a pink ribbon on it.

I picked up the box and brought it inside, when opening the box I saw there was a pair of heels. Inspecting the heels, I can see a small writing on it that says “Heels Of Heleweys”. I couldn’t believe what I was holding, is this the real Heels of Heleweys? I know I like to write caption about it, but I couldn’t believe that it was in my possession.

I quickly put the heels on, and I can’t feel anything. There’s nothing change. I kept the heels on, realizing that it might take some time and it won’t work instantly. So I get ready to sleep and head to bed still wearing the heels.

The next morning, I found myself feeling really fresh when I woke up. I felt so energized, but in the same time everything felt weird. I quickly look at my body, and found that I was no longer a man. My body was so sexy now, I can feel my soft skin, and my hair becoming longer then what I used to have. I can also feel the new weight on my chest, as I grabbed my new breasts. My nipples was giving some weird but pleasuring sensations when I touched them. I ran my hands to my crotch, and touching my new vagina which replaced my cock. This body was so sensitive, wherever I touch, I could get aroused. Then, I spent the entire morning exploring and masturbating with my new body, it was awesome.

I was thinking to experience more as a girl, so I use the power from the heels as I think in my brain about how to be a girl. And my brain was filled with new memories, memories of me, my entire life as a girl. My name is Jessie? Hmm, Jessie, I like that name. Every minute I spent as Jessie, I can feel more and more comfortable with my new form.

I really want to stay as Jessie, but I decided not to. I took the heels off and threw them off my apartment window. Even thought I am still in Jessie’s form, the effect from the heels will wore off after about 12 hours, but I could be stuck as Jessie if I wore them for 24 hours. Maybe there will be someone else who could use the power from the heels.
But why do I want to be back as a man? Beacuse I have another thing that I want to mess with, which is a new wishing stone that I got yesterday from Kimkat.


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