Birthday gift (Skxawng)

Ryan woke up in the morning and slowly headed to the kitchen for something to drink. It was his birthday today and he couldn’t wait for his friends to come over for a party. It was still some time until then so Ryan decided to check some new captions on open tg, where he was also writing under the name Skxawng. After a quick check Ryan was about to take a shower when he heard the doorbell. Wondering who could it be Ryan went to answer.

It was a courier with a package for him. Ryan was surprised since he didn’t order anything recently but the name and address was correct so he took the package inside. Ryan put it on the table in the kitchen. He noticed a small note attached to it so he begin to read. “Happy birthday skxawng. I hope you will like this small gift”.

Curious about what’s inside Ryan ripped the colorfull paper and opened the box. He took out something that looked like an artificial skin. For a moment he didn’t know what it was until he saw a pair of breasts on it. “No way” Ryan said excited, realizing it’s one of those body suits he read so much about. He didn’t wait any second and took off his clothes. Finding an opening in the suit Ryan slipped his feet inside and pulled it up. As soon as the suit attached to his skin Ryan noticed how natural it felt. The breasts were like real and he couldn’t even feel his manhood between his legs. The skin was so soft and even his voice changed. Admiring his look in the mirror Ryan got an idea to show up in the suit for his birthday party.

Late afternoon the guests started to arrive. They were gathering in the living room wondering what takes him so long. Meanwhile Ryan was in the bathroom doing his makeup. He wanted to look perfect when his firneds see him. It took him some time but finally Ryan finished his makeover. Satisfied by the effect he left the bathroom to meet the guests.

When Ryan showed up his friends were quite shocked. “What? Don’t you like my new look?” Ryan giggled seeing their reaction. It took some time until his friends got used to Ryan’s new apperance but eventualy the party started.

Ryan was having a great time, especially being a hot girl. He loved the outfit and how it made him look sexy. Ryan even noticed that some of his male friends are peeking glances at his cleavage and butt which only made him feel sexier. Ryan was acting so naturally in his body suit that it was hard to belive that he was a guy. The girls were complementing his look and wanted to take him shopping in his body suit. Ryan found the idea exciting and it was decided that next sunday they are going to the mall.

Late evening the party ended and the guests went home. Before everyone left, Ryan’s friend asked him to go see a movie but he insisted that Ryan should wear his body suit. It looked Like Ryan will have a date soon.

After cleaning up Ryan took off his clothes leaving only his panties. He didn’t go to sleep immidiatelly, instead he was lying in bed and thinking. It felt so great to be a girl and his friends seemed to accept it. The girls love to have a new girlfriend and one of his friends even asked him out. It took a while but Ryan made a decision that he won’t take off the suit and wait until it merges with his body, making him a girl in every aspect. From this day he will start a new life.


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