Why don’t you try something new?

You thought it would just be a quick thing. Just pop one pill, fool around a little, maybe get a little dirty, and then it would be over. Just some good fun with a girl you met on a dating site.

You heard plenty of rumors about x-change, but always brushed them off. Not because you didn’t think they were serious, but because you never saw yourself dipping that deep into the jar to ever worry about it. Besides, what sort of bad thing could come out of seeing how the other half lives?

No, nothing bad will really come out of this. But… well… now there’s something big coming out, and going back inside, of you. One thing that was a guarantee when using x-change to swap sexes, was that having sex shortly after using the drug could have profound effects on one’s state of mind. It had something to do with hormones. Something like exciting them so rigorously so soon after transforming from male to female, or vice versa, could cause some side effects.

I’m glad you kept such an open mind… Most guys turn me down almost immediately.

You’re too pre-occupied to think about that now. But you’re sure that what you’re feeling now is definitely one of those side effects… This girl, well experienced with x-change, convinced you to try it with her. The sensation of transforming was almost overwhelming in itself! Sprouting tits, shrinking in size all around, feeling all of your excess body fat rearrange itself into a plump butt and supple thighs… And of course, feeling your cock, hard from just thinking about the transformation, slowly soften, shrink and mold into a tight pussy.

You were still reeling from it, when she, freshly transformed herself, kissed you… When you embraced him back and kissed deeper… His hands went down your pants, ill fitted around your waist but tightened at the thigh from the extra space taken up by your ass, and found exactly what you wanted him to find. Then the clothes came off, piece by piece…

When you were both naked in his bedroom, and you were on your knees, your soft lips welcoming his hard cock… You were still in a state of disbelief at the sensations of transformation…

Let me show you what it really feels like…

So when he guided you, on your hands and knees, up to his bed, took a firm handful of your butt, and plunged his throbbing sex into you, you instantly had a first hand account of what the side effects of x-change were. Though now, you realize, it’s probably too late to stop them. You were thinking maybe this relationship was moving too fast, but your mouth was too full of his dick to mention anything. But now, with your pussy stuffed full of his dick, all you can manage out are yelps of pleasure.

The most intense side effect is… merely just another feeling, a product of this new sensation. You’re enamored by his cock. You feel an intense yearning to pleasure him, and him only. So much so, that the thought of not being able to spread your pussy lips for him at his request, ignites a physical discomfort within you. It doesn’t distress you at all though, because you know you’ll get your own pleasure out of it, and that’s plenty for you to easily give in to your desires. With every pump, the feeling grows stronger.

“Oohh, fuck, babe!”

It’s easier just to stay this way. You know it now, and you know he knows it. She knew what she was doing all along, but it’s not like you’re mad about it now… Far from it. It’s not just a quick thing anymore… And it won’t be the next time, or the next time after that. Every time you see her, you’ll remember the pussy pounding you’re getting now and wish for it again. So why keep up with the illusion? It’s simpler like this, anyway. You can just get it whenever you want! You have no idea how many other guys she’s done this to, you’re probably not the first, but you don’t care. You’re his girl now, and he’s your man, nothing else matters…


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