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Little Experiment gone wrong for the girlfriend

So my girlfriend has this weird idea to turn me into a Latina girl like her and share what it feels like and she always wanted to do it with a women as well. Not knowing she invited her friend from work. As she was sucking my tits she tolded me to mounted her friend, i wasnt sure being an all male guy but i did it and OMG the dick in my pussy was like in heaven I was thing like a horny women in heat. I had 3 orgasms and still going. I think she is going to have problem because as of now i am not into her or any women. All i want now is more dick in my pussy.

An Eye Opening Experience

Jeff and Dirk wondered what they had gotten themselves into. They agreed to allow their girlfriends to use their magic spell book to change them into chicks for a night out with them on their side of the fence. They said would be an eye opening experience, and they would just shop and catch a movie. As they arrived at the male strip club however, Jeff and Dirk’s sexy new eyes were definitely opened. Read more

My fantasy fullfilled

“Where’s my keyboard?” I asked myself when it just faded away from existance. I was looking at an otgc caption titled “Their fantasies fulfilled”, when everything around me started changing. “What’s this?” I asked myself when I realized my computer mouse had transformed into a brush. I should have just left it there and walk away, but instead, I felt the need to brush my hair. Read more

Any Time I Want

I came to suddenly, and forcefully. My body and mind were full of new sensations, the pleasure of them almost taking over my thoughts. I let out a high-pitched moan as a hand grasped something attached to my chest. I moaned again as a second hand grabbed an identical mass on the other side of my chest. The hands shook them for a few moments, and it felt so good, but then it let the masses drop, and I felt their weight fully. I looked down, and saw two massive breasts, bound loosely in a pink top. And attached to my own chest.
Then the pounding started. In and out, in and out I felt it go. There was a man inside me. In that moment, amidst the swirls of pleasure filling my head and making soft sounds escape my lips, I knew what had happened.
I had one wish, and I had wasted it wishing to be able to see my sexy busty neighbor naked any time I wanted to. I must have been instantly put into her body, and she had been in the middle of something…personal.
The man finished and wasted no time getting dressed, though I was left feeling sort of unfulfilled. He walked out and put some money on the table. “A little extra,” he said with a wink, and I threw up a little in my mouth. My neighbor was a prostitute?! Was being the key word: I know I definitely wouldn’t be letting anybody else use this body. I threw off my thin top, tearing it slightly as I tried to get it over my huge new melons. When they were free I looked down at them. “Wow,” was all I could say for a full minute. “These are…” I wanted to say something good, something like “fantastic” or “amazing”, but somehow my mind went to: “heavy.” And they were: it was much easier to fall in love with these tits when you weren’t the one carrying them on your chest 24/7.
But more than that, they were something else now: mine. These breasts, were mine now, and I could see them any time I wanted to.

Turned on by Students

Harry didn’t know Ms. Laney Passion was into her students. When the Great Shift hit, he was in her body fingering himself with three nude male students, also football players for the school team, bearing the health athletic naked bodies to him! What was worse, he was turned on by them probably just like she was. Read more

Her party, my party

It was her party. When Audrey kissed me out of the blue, and asked me to follow her to her room, I didn’t even hesitate. I followed her downstairs, leaving all of my friends downstairs. We entered her room, and locked the door. “Wait here by the door” she said. I could already feel my erection. She took all her clothes and revealed her perfect body. Read more

Fish Store

Harry got the blowjob of his life from his newlywed wife, on their honeymoon, but when she asked for the favor to be returned, the formerly always nice Harry said, “No way, I don’t want to go down on a fish store, after all I’m your husband now, I make the rules, I’m the man!” Read more

3 Slutty Necessities

I wasn’t sure about whether I’d like being a female, but now thanks to these three things there’s no way I’d ever go back.
Designer shoes, 5-star hotel suites (with the Jacuzzi of course) and of course cock. Read more

He Finally Won: The Bet FINALE

“OH YEA! RIGHT THERE BABY!” Jake screamed out in Katherine’s body. He was riding his friend Mike’s rock hard dick. He couldn’t believe he was doing it, but he felt amazing. They hadn’t even had time to take off his bra. Feeling the cock slide in and out of his fresh, wet pussy was a feeling he could never have comprehended as a man. It filled him perfectly. It was like an itch he never knew he needed scratched. He whipped the hair out of his face. Read more