You Don’t Understand?

“You don’t understand why I’m such a slut, Randy? Well I bet now you will,” said Liza, after turning Randy into a copy of herself, and making him ride her latest male boy toy Anton.

Can you feel why I’m so addicted to cock now, Randy? Should I started spelling Randi with an “I” now? It seems you’re very taken with Anton’s member. Now you know how it feels and what it is to be a slut, since now you are one just like me, my twin in fact, with the same urges, longings, cravings, and desires wrapping up in a pretty sexy package. Go ahead steady those tits while you rock up and down on your new man’s shaft, I’ll let you use one of my bras later when we go out, and YOU will wear four inch heels just like I do, it drives the men wild.


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