Waiting to Swap

Sonia made the finishing touches to the sigil on the carpet, she checked the book to make sure it was correct and then checked again, and then again. She had spent too much time and effort for this to go wrong at the last stage, satisfied with her handiwork she lit a mass of scented candles to cover up the smell of the pigs blood that had been required for the sigil. She looked at her clock, it wouldn’t be long until Jason arrived, she pushed her bed back over the magic markings carefully so as not to smudge them. She looked about her barebones room, despite working at a prestigious American finance company they barely paid her enough to rent this one-room, Jason had offered to buy her things but she had refused. She knew he only offered to try to absolve his guilty conscience from having an affair with her. Although tonight, as she felt beads of sweat run down her body, she kind of wished she had taken him up on the air conditioning. She stripped out of her clothes until she was only wearing her sheer panties, even then the heat was oppressive, she wondered how Jason was coping in the heat as he travelled to her.

Normally they did it in his hotel room but tonight was a special night tinged with sadness, Jason had completed his work and was heading back to America. After tonight they would never see each other again, something Sonia had been planning for ever since she met him six months ago. Sonia had no TV or laptop in her room but she did have something that kept her entertained at night, she opened her bedside drawer and pulled out a well used magazine. She climbed onto the bed and opened the magazine, she spread her legs wide, her right hand plucked at her nipples for a second before slipping under the band of her underwear. The magazine was full of pictures of white women being fucked in all sorts of positions and holes, she pushed her middle finger inside of herself down to the second knuckle. The women in the pictures look beautiful and sexy, Sonia could imagine herself being there, being one of the participants, she just about managed to get her index finger inside of herself. Whenever Jason fucked her he would always say how tight she was but complain that she was dry, at the moment she wasn’t having any problems as her pussy produced enough to cause a damp patch to form on the bed.

She flicked to her favourite picture, the image took up a whole page, it showed a white woman being taken up the arse, Sonia could almost hear the woman begging for more. The woman was curvy for a white person, Sonia could imagine what all that ass and big tits would feel like, she’d spent her whole life imagining but after tonight she wouldn’t have to. Sonia would have to stop soon, she was getting too close for orgasm, for the spell to work both her and Jason had to orgasm together. Although she needed to get close to the edge, due to Jason never giving her an orgasm and she wasn’t going to let her lack of attraction to Jason stop her from swapping bodies with him. At the very edge of cumming she pulled her hand out and took deep breaths to cool herself off, the woman in the picture had her head turned and looked out the magazine, Sonia looked deep into the eyes of the woman. The woman in the picture looked just like Jason’s American wife, Sonia had spent months learning all about Jason’s life, letting him fuck her so when the time came she could go to America and fuck a white woman.

Her fingers were nowhere near her pussy but it still twitched in response to her imagining having a big white dick sticking out the front of her, of a pale goddess opening her legs to her. She didn’t just hate Jason because she was envious of him having a dick, something she had wanted since she could remember, or that she had had to let him fuck her so that she could get close to him, it was mostly because he would abandon a beautiful woman his wife for months on end to work in a foreign country and sleep with its women. After tonight Jason would be trapped in her poor female body whereas she would be wealthy and handsome, she would have a huge dick to use on a white woman who would be completely devoted to her. With the candles going the heat in the room was getting worse, she was glad she didn’t have any air conditioning it will be an extra punishment for Jason for not appreciating what he had. She looked past the brown breasts that Jason loved so much and to her stomach that was just beginning to show a slight bulge, she wondered how long it would take Jason to figure out that was pregnant after the swap. Sonia heard someone climbing the stairs and quickly stuffed the magazine back into the draw, she was wet and ready for Jason, in less than a day she would be in America hard and ready to start her new life as a man with her gorgeous wife.


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