Six down

Cassie fluffed her hair in the mirror, tonight was the first night she was going out after catching her boyfriend cheating on her with the girl in number five and she wanted to look good. Cassie still couldn’t believe he cheated on her with that bitch, they lived in the same university halls, they shared a wall, she want to pull that that bitch’s ginger hair out but she didn’t. Instead she been feeling sorry for her self for the pass two weeks but no more, she was going to party with her classmates and forget all about her ex and that whore of a flatmate. Cassie wished Layla was still here, they’d live in the same hall for less than a month but Cassie had felt that they had a connection but then she’d gone really weird. Layla stopped going to class, she personality changed she drank, smoked weed and had sex with anyone willing, the finally straw was when Layla got Cassie really drunk and tried to use a strap-on on her. After Cassie slapped her away, Layla said something really scary “It doesn’t matter, I’ll have you wearing this soon enough”, the next day Layla left university without apologising, she didn’t even take her stuff.

Cassie shook her head she needed to stop thinking about this stuff and have a god time, her phone chimed “what ar u wearing?” the text said. The camera made a noise as it took a picture, Cassie hit the send button without checking the image, she was sending it to a friend so she didn’t need to check she looked good on it. Not that she didn’t want to look good, but she wasn’t looking for a relationship and certainly not a one night stand, her phone chimed again. “Looking good LOL whos that behind u? :)” the text read, before Cassie reacted the girl from number five spun Cassie around and kissed her. Cassie tried to fight back but in a second she felt her mouth going numb then her neck and shoulders, her arms fell by her side as the kiss continued. Both girls mouths and necks distended as a thick fluid flowed from the ginger to the blonde, slowly the ginger became less forceful and the blonde took over the kiss till the flow ended.

“Ah it always feels good to go from well used to new” the blonde said as she let go of the ginger, the girl from number five slipped in her high heels and fell on her arse. The ginger desperately scrambled to get up “remember what I said mention this to anyone and I’ll find you Amy” the blonde said in a nasty tone, the ginger fled as the blonde laughed at her. The blonde turned back to the mirror and checked herself out, she was a bit flat in the tits and ass, just like the last one, but she had that girl next door vibe working for her. She quickly removed her panties but left her bra, she need all the padding she could get, next she texted her friend “nobdy wot u wearing ;)”. While she waited she fingered herself and spoke to the mirror “you can fight all you like, I’ve won and I’m going to stay as long as I like”. The phone chimed, a picture of a sexy black eighteen year old appeared on the phone, “I’m going to tap that” the blonde said lustfully, her fingers increased momentum as she used the picture and the mirror to reach her first orgasm of the night. She licked her hand of juices and her chin of a glob of ectoplasm that’d she’d drooled out when the kiss had been broken, the blonde grabbed her purse and looked back at the mirror. “I told you I’d get you to wear my strap-on and tonight I’ll use it on your friend and she’ll use it on us, the only question is what size strap-on I use” with that the blonde left room six and walked pass the other six occupied rooms “six down six to go” she whispered as she left the flat.


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