The first witch

The two guards yawned at the same time, the heat of the day making them tried and more angry than they already were. It was midday and the chief had told them to lock up old man Owix for magicks, what ever that was, at least they weren’t out in the fields looking for Owix’s apprentice. They both stared at nothing impartial as sweat ran down their faces, it was all the chief’s daughter’s fault, Ybxea had run into the village late last night claiming Owix was plotting to over throw the chief using magicks. So they’d spent the night climbing up to Owix’s cave and dragging the old man back, anyone with eyes could see that Owix posed no threat to the muscle bound chief but orders were orders.

The men silently cursed Ybxea’s name, curse being a new word they’d learned the night before from Owix. “Hello boys!” a chirpy voice called, the two men stood fast trying to ignore the approaching young woman “I’m soooo glad you caught that nasty old man”. The men didn’t move an inch “I should really thank you in a special way” this got the men’s attention, Ybxea took hold of the men’s spears and stoked her hands up and down the shaft “you like that big boy” the men couldn’t take their eyes for Ybxea. She sunk to her knees and lifted up the men’s robes, the smell of their dicks filling her nostrils, her soft hands that had never known a days work now when to work getting the guards hard.

Both men couldn’t believe their luck as the most beautiful girl in their village was touching their dicks, her hands easily brought them to erection, her hands worked expertly to bring them to orgasm. Their cum splashed on to Ybxea’s face and hair, this was amazing the men thought it was way better then them doing it themselves, not as good as sex but still pretty good, they wondered if they could get Ybxea to do it again sometime.

With both men satisficed it looked like Ybxea getting up but suddenly dropped to her knees again, “I’m not done with you boys yet” she said stoking their dicks again. She rubbed their flaccid cocks but was struggling to get them hard again, she removed her top showing off her small tits but both men’s wives had much bigger breasts. She paused for a second almost like she didn’t want to continue but a quick glance to the cages drove her on. She smiled “I’ve got a treat for you boys” she opened her mouth wide and swallowed one of the dicks, for a second the men thought she was going to bite it off but with a slurping sound she sucked on it, then she did the same to the other man.

The men had never had this done to them, they were in the afterlife, the pleasure of her lips and tongue working their dicks like she was sucking marrow from a bone brought the men off quickly. One filled her mouth with sperm while the other blasted her tits, she broke eye contract with them just for a moment to look at the cages, one of the men began to turn to look at what she was looking at, “I want you in my ass” Ybxea said loudly. The men were shocked, “I’ve cleaned your smelly cocks, now let’s get them dirty again” she said in a panic, the men were hard in an instant and focused back on Ybxea. She sat one man down and climbed on top his lap rubbing against her wet pussy “slide it in gently” she requested as the man behind lined up.


The chief had been raging mad when he came back to the village after the unsuccessful hurt for the apprentice to find his guards asleep and the prisoner gone. He’d been beyond mad when he demanded to know what happened and the men had described in detail how Ybxea had distracted them with her body while the prisoner dug a tunnel under the cage. The chief had explained to them that what they said was impossible because his daughter had been with him on the hurt the whole day, although his explanation was more of a scream as he cleaved the men’s heads in two for speaking about his daughter in such a way. The guards didn’t mind dying, they had been given a taste of the afterlife that day, it was full of women like Ybxea and they couldn’t wait to get there.

That night the village was full of new grunts and squeals as the villages while disgusted by the men’s false tale couldn’t help but give into desires they didn’t know they had. The next day not a single woman could walk straight and none of the men could wipe the smiles off their faces, the hunt for Owix was called off as everyone hadn’t had any sleep last night. Even Ybxea was reluctant to give chase, preferring to stay under the furs all day having discovered that the tale of what her body could do had lit a fire in her belly that her fingers could for now satisfied but forever.

Many miles away Ybxea bathed her naked body in a shallow stream, the cum washing off her body as she rested her feet, it had been hard going fleeing the village Owix had wanted to get as far away as possible under the cover of night. Owix sat next to her admiring her body, he tried to hide his erection as he spoke “it took me year to make that transformation potion and you waste it” he said angrily “there is no going back your stuck like that, I could have been chief if you had not been trying to impress Ybxea by blabbing about magicks”. Ybxea wasn’t paying attention, her hands roaming her body “You can’t become a wizard, you can’t practice magicks now” Owix almost screaming at her.

Ybxea slowly looked Owix up and down “I don’t see why not” her hand reached for Owix cock and teased the tip of his penis “sure a female never been taught magicks but I’m sure I’ll be just as good as before”. Owix cock shot out his juices, Ybxea enjoyed the feeling of the warm cum sticking to her hair “if not better” she sucked Owix dick back to hardness and climbed on top of him “although I do agree I can’t be called a wizard, we’ll have to think up a new name”.


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