A new position

When Rachel’s girlfriend, Natasha, came home from work she’d been reading a book, ten minutes later Rachel was ploughing Natasha after Natasha had begged Rachel to use the strap-on her. The girls panting and moaning filled the room along with the smell of perfume and sex, Rachel loved the smell of their bodies especially Natasha hair. When ever Natasha let Rachel fuck her with the strap-on, which was rare because Natasha didn’t like being penetrated too deeply, Rachel would fuck her in the missionary position so she could smell her wonderful blonde hair. Today, Natasha had told Rachel that she wanted to see her tits bouncing, so Rachel had to fuck her in a weird porn film like position which wasn’t very conformable but she was getting to use her little used strap-on so she wasn’t complaining.

As Rachel pumped away, enjoying the sight of her girlfriend along with the feeling of the base of the dildo pressing against her clit she notice that Natasha wasn’t playing with her only clit as much. It seemed to Rachel that one of Natasha hands kept rubbing up and down the bottom of her stomach, the other hand groped at her own breasts like a teenage boy, all grabbing and no nipple play. By the way Natasha moaned Rachel could tell Natasha wasn’t far away from orgasm, as she look back down she saw something that surprised her, a cock shaped bulge had formed above Natasha’s pussy. At first she thought that it was the dildo, after all she’d never fucked Natasha in this position before so she might not have seen it before but, unlike Natasha, Rachel had been fuck by a man and knew that that kind of bulge wasn’t normal.

Rachel really should have stopped and taken Natasha to the hospital but she was close to her own orgasm and there was something about the large cock shaped bulge just underneath Natasha’s skin that turned Rachel on. Plus Natasha was definitely aware of the bulge because her hands were rubbing up and down like crazy, almost like she was jacking off a dick. Just before they both came Natasha grabbed Rachel’s neck and pulled her down into the missionary position, the dildo finally slid all the way inside of Natasha as they passionately kissed. Natasha moaned into Rachel’s mouth and shuddered as she came, Rachel felt the bulge pulse against her smooth belly and came herself. As their pussies spasm together Rachel felt a warm liquid spray on her leg, she smiled to herself, as she rested her head on Natasha’s shoulder, she’d just made Natasha squirt for the first time.

Natasha wrapped her legs around Rachel, this was the best part of being in a lesbian relationship the after sex hugging, just two women breathing in each others scent. Rachel knew she had to take her blonde lover to the hospital, she might not be screaming in pain but that strange bulge was unnatural and needed to be checked out. Before Rachel left the warm embrace of her lover she took a deep smell of the blonde’s hair, she smelt the familiar smell of shampoo and Natasha’s body odour but there was some thing else there. She sniffed again it almost smelt like a man’s aftershave and she could smell something more too, it smelt like man cum, no, it definitely was the smell of male jizz. Rachel looked down between their smooth bellies and saw that both their legs and the dildo that had slipped out were coved in white cum. Rachel look her lover in the face and saw for the first time that the blonde woman’s eyes were brown and not Natasha’s blue, Rachel turned her head at a movement in the corner of her eye, someone was standing there, before she could probably turn to see there was a blur of colour and a zapping sound.


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