Reverse bodyhopper

There are many different ways of creating a bodyhopper one of the most common ways is for two bodyhopper possessing two people to conceive a child. Karen was created by two bodyhoppers but in an unusual way her parents weren’t possessing anyone, they created her out of love for each other. Bodyhoppers have an extreme self-hatred of their own bodies but Karen’s parents weren’t like other bodyhoppers they believed that bodyhoppers should use their abilities to punish nasty people. When they created Karen they left behind the bodyhopper community hoping to raise their daughter outside of the evil influence of the rest of their kind. What they didn’t know at the time was that when a child is born from two bodyhoppers the natural way they gift is twisted into another form. Karen didn’t know the official term for what she was but ever since she learnt of the gift she had referred to herself as a reverse bodyhopper. Her gift didn’t allow her to possess other people but for normal people to possess her, as Karen struggled against the zip ties around her wrist she cursed her gift.

Karen found out about her ability when she had been at a friends sleepover aged eight, her friend had broken a cup and fearing her mother’s wrath she had fled towards Karen to hide behind but instead of swinging around Karen she had entered her. The girl had spent a few hours controlling Karen before telling her other friends what had happened once they figured out how to depossess Karen they spent the rest of the night taking turns controlling her. Luckily with the girls being so young they didn’t do too much damage to Karen’s body except for cutting your hair and making her dress up but in that time they had all access Karen’s memories and giggled at Karen’s crushes while Karen had been imprisoned in her own body. When Karen’s parents found out they had wanted to punish the girls for their cruelty but Karen had stopped them instead Karen wanted to continue like nothing had happened but Karen’s parents started homeschooling her and became very protective of.

It was on Karen’s 35th birthday that her parents announced that they wanted to continue punishing the wicked and rewarding the good as they had been doing before Karen’s birth, the next day they had left. Leaving Karen to continue her life as a hermit, she continued avoiding any human contact but in the years since Karen’s parents had moved in the neighbourhood had changed, it was now the street where most of the richest people in the city called home. The houses surrounding Karen’s home had become full of trophy wives and rich old men many of the board housewives began to wonder about the strange recluse. Four years after her parents leaving Annabel and Ellie knocked on her door, Karen tried to get them to leave but eventually relented to their endless bombardment of kindness as the months went by Karen formed a strong friendship two women.

It was around this time that the news broke about the bodyhopper community it had only been a matter of time, over the years secret organisations, governments and powerful business leaders had all found out about them and used them to further their nefarious goals. Even with the bodyhoppers powers eventually they couldn’t plug all the gaps and the story got out, at first the public refuse to believe that this wasn’t a hoax but slowly and then quickly people began coming forward saying that they had been possessed. Famous people, politicians, friends and family members or began coming forward saying that they had had contact with the bodyhopper it soon felt like every other person had been possessed. It was in this climate of fear that Karen’s friends came round to her house they’d correctly guessed that they would be prime targets for bodyhoppers, Karen tried to convince them that not all bodyhoppers were bad that some were good by telling them that her parents were bodyhoppers. Annabel and Ellie quickly assumed that Karen was a bodyhopper, Karen attempting to calm them down told them that she was a reverse bodyhopper and that she posed no threat to them. After a few hours they left, Karen didn’t want to lose her only friends but she felt relief that she had told them about her gift, they had been so accepting of her secret and promised to come round next week like normal.

A week later Karen tried one last pitiful attempt to break free from Ellie and the zip tie but Ellie thanks to years of exercise keeping her body toned she was far stronger than Karen. Annabel unbuttoned her top, showing off her pride and glory two perfectly shaped breasts Karen felt a twinge of envy at the younger woman’s perfection “do you like them?” Annabel enquired “I hate almost as much as I despise my silicone ass. Does that surprise you? I’m sure you knew that my and Ellie’s tits were fake but I guess you didn’t know our asses were full of the stuff”. Annabel reached out and squeezed Karen’s naked chest “they feel so natural I’d almost forgotten what a normal breast felt like”.

Ellie reach round and rubbed Karen’s breast as Annabel continued undressing “your ten years older than us but you have barely a wrinkle on your face and yet no Botox or nips and tucks, it’ll be nice to be able to smile without having half my face fight me. Oh by the way do we even need to get naked for this? You never said in your story if you are clothed or not when you got possessed”. Karen didn’t respond her body had frozen up in fear, her mind going back to when she was eight, it was happening all over again and she could do nothing to stop it. Ellie hooked her thumbs around the waist of Karen’s tights and underwear and in one swift motion pulled them down, she moved around to the side and viewed the two very different women. Annabel had used every trick in the book to keep her body looking like a 20-year-old where as Karen’s body had naturally fought off the beginnings of old age. Annabel reached out, suddenly feeling nervous and placed her hand between Karen’s lovely mounds, she pushed slightly against Karen, Karen skin resisted for a second before giving way and allowing Annabel’s hand to move inside of her.

“What’s it feel like?” Ellie asked in amazement as Annabel pushed her other hand inside of Karen. Annabel didn’t answer instead she pushed off with both of her feet and drove into Karen, Karen’s body barely swayed from the impact of Annabel. Ellie waited in anticipation as Karen suddenly blinked rapidly and then looked around in amazement, she tried to use her tied up hands “is that you in their, Annabel?”.

A broad smile crossed Karen’s face “it’s me alright” Ellie rushed to cut the zip tie, Karen’s hands rushed all over her body squeezing and pulling at her soft flesh “look how pale her skin is, she is barely felt the ageing effects of the sun or smoking. I feel so natural free of man-made materials” Karen shouted for joy. Her hands ran down to her crotch where her moistening snatch awaited “she feels like a virgin” she moaned in glee.

Annabel was enjoying Karen’s body so much she didn’t know about Ellie’s approach until the lubricated strap-on pushed against her backside “I know you were glad to get rid of the silicon in your body but I’m sure this man-made object will feel very nice” Ellie laughed as she bent Karen over the table they had been having tea at every week for the past few months. Annabel and Ellie would spend the next day taking turns possessing Karen’s body and fucking each other they, soon found out that two of them could possess Karen’s body at the same time making the orgasms even more powerful than they already were. After two days they grew bored of their toys and invited some of the neighbourhood boys round for some fun, Karen could do nothing but feel what was happening to her without any power to stop it. The pair were confident in the knowledge that after they were finished Karen’s forgiving nature would allow them to walk back into her house and possess her again whenever they wanted. It was as Ellie and Annabel were leaving Karen’s house, that two old people walking past the house suddenly bodyhopped the two women didn’t stand a chance in less than two seconds it was over. The two women had just met Karen’s parents and this time they weren’t going to allow Karen to stop them from punishing her friends.


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