Slice of pizza

As a pizza delivery man Paul (18) had gotten a lot of…. poor customers tonight, from people ordering pizzas to a fake address to having a person take the pizza without paying and slam the door in his face. So by the time he got to his last delivery he was ready to throw the pizza at them and leave, he walked up to the door and got a surprise. Stood in the doorway was a gorgeous woman, she really was beautiful but not in a slutty way but in a classy refined way, she was definitely out of Paul’s league.

“D-did you order a extra large p-pepperoni p-pizza?” Paul stammered, he avoided eye contract but that only drew his attention to how form fitting the woman’s jeans were.

“Yes, but unfortunately I don’t have any money to pay you with” the woman in her mid thirties replied. Paul tried to stammer out a response about it being ok and on the house but the woman cut him off. “I know how I can pay you” she said in a eureka moment “I can pay you with my body” Paul turned bright red “would you like that?” her tone now sultry. Paul couldn’t speak, what a turn around this night had taken, this was the dream of every delivery man, or boy in Paul’s case, in the world he was going to regale his friends of this night forever.

The awkward silence stretched on as the spotty boy thought about the prestige that awaited him among his friends, the older woman growing bored pushed things along “do you want my body?” she slowly unzipped her jeans and let them drop off her hips on to the floor to emphasize her point. Paul nodded so hard his head nearly fell off “good, kiss me” she ordered, with trembling lips Paul went in for his first kiss. Boy, what a kiss it was, light flashed before his eyes his whole body tingled with bliss his mouth felt like it was on fire and then he felt odd. This was strange he thought, his mouth tasted salty and unpleasant this wasn’t how he imagined a kiss tasting now that the thought about his ass was feeling quite cold. Paul opened his eyes to see himself looking back at him he jerked his head away “what the hell?” the woman said in panic.

“There’s your payment but seen as I’m a generous sort you can have a slice” Paul said opening the box. The woman with a shocked face dumbly took a slice and stood there as Paul walked off with the pizza. Still stunned she closed the door and walked down the corridor, she stopped at a large mirror and stared at herself for a moment.

She was brought out of this trance by a voice from behind her “hey, what’s going on? Where is the rest of the pizza?” she saw a naked man stood in a doorway, in the room behind him she could see half a dozen more naked people. The woman shrugged her shoulders and bit into the pizza slice as the man smiled “not to worry I’ll order another one but it does mean we’re going to have to punish you while we wait”. The man picked up a collar and lead and attached them to the woman “I hope that pizza slice is worth it because we were going easy on you before now I’ll make you my bitch”. Paul gulped down the pizza as he was pulled into the room, it was the best damn pizza he’d ever tasted.


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