It’s Not Just the Breasts

It wasn’t just the breasts that were so foreign to Hector after the nuclear meltdown somehow altered his DNA not to give him cancer, but to make him a female version of himself had he been born with XX instead of XY. Sure the breasts and indoor plumbing were strange and intriguing to him, but it was his new thoughts that were the most shocking of all.

His mind would wonder, especially in the shower, to thoughts of what it would be like to be with a man, as the woman he now was, to be intimate with a man, to give himself willingly to a handsome stud. He even caught himself licking his chops after thinking of what a cock would feel like between his new thicker plump lips. He got wet below thinking of being penetrated by said penis in his new equipment as well.

One thing was certain, Hector, now going by Heidi would have a long road ahead of her, on her trip into the world of womanhood.


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