Hot to Trot

“Cheat on me with that woman you call a hot whore, we’ll see about that,” said Elena after finding out Ted was cheating on her with a prostitute known as the town’s own hot whore, Sierra Sassy.

Elena sprinkled some pixie dust on Ted, and ted feel back in shock his mouth opening in horror as his proud member was gone, and he had huge boobs. He could tell he was a chick now, and the feel of long hair, a pussy, and heavy breasts, along with the woman’s top and satin panties, and the feel of strappy heels on his somewhat still big feet, helped persuade him even more. His mouth opened in shock as he touched his new clit and slit, as his ex shouted.

“We’re through, and now you’re a hot whore just like Sierra. You’re now Dixon Lively, and I’m sure all the dicks will be lively when they see that you’re a hot whore. Have a nice life, bitch, I hope you like lots of dicks, perhaps bigger than the one you had,” laughed Elena as she walked out the door and out of the new whore’s life!

All the new Dixon could say was, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh…. Need a dick… need a dick, must have a dick.”

The spell made Dixon addicted to cock and men, helping her with her new career in fucking.


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