Company at the beach

Marion basked in the warm rays of light from the sun while letting the coolness of the sea hit her body on the beach.
She appreciated how the different temperatures worked her body. It was easy just to concentrate on those feelings and ignore the rest of the world around her, only taking in the sound of the ocean and the enviroment around her.
It was so serene and peaceful that she began to doze off a little bit.

She woke up with a jolt when something cold and wet was moving on top of her stomach.
“Ugh”, she groaned. “What are you doing here little friend?”, she said groggily after seeing the thing on her belly. It looked like an octopus but it didn´t have those eight arms.
She poked a tentacle with her finger and it reacted by pulling its tentacle back.
“Seems like I´ve got a small friend”, Marion giggled to herself. She was curious what it would do next.

It moved around slowly and aimlessly. Going from one side to another.
The little creature did this up until the main body was situated right on top of Marions navel.

With an speed not shown before it burrowed itself into Marions body. It was inside within a second.
Marion let out a shriek of pain and she could feel it move around inside of her body.
Tendrils was moving up along her spine, up her neck and into her skull. Tendrils pierced her brain, making her feel like an spluttering alcoholic with little control of her own actions.
She was losing the fight for her mind.

Her limbs stopped obeying her and became limp. Her body was shutting down.
Darkness began to envelop her periphery and soon everything went black as she closed her eyes.

Marions body laid unmoving on the beach for six minutes before she opened up her eyes.
She stretched body if she had slept a long nights sleep. After sitting up she marveled her legs and and arms by stroking her hand against them.
“So soft”, she whispered.
The discovery of her body continued for a time until she was ready to stand up.

Memories gleamed from the brain said that her name was Marion Philips, a female living close by.
She smiled when she realised the stroke of luck she had had when finding this specimen. Young, healthy, attractive, and most importantly; wanted by the males.

Her hips swayed alluringly when she left the beach and walked towards her home.
No one could ever guess that in that body the real Marion Philips was no longer in control.


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