Younger Sister

It was exactly 3 months ago, when for no reason at all, I woke up in Emily, my younger sister’s body. It was scary at first, specially since my formerself acted like nothing had happened. I pretended to be her while I figured out what had happened, It was weird being 18 and going to college again. I hated how guys kept looking at me. My sister is good looking at all, but I never expected to have so many guys oogling me.

It took some time getting adjusted to being an 18 year old girl. And when my first period hit me, it was even weirder. I felt so mad at everything, but I wanted to cry too. I hated all the mood swings.

One day, Tom, a friend of my former self, asked me out. I knew he had a crush on me, but I had forgotten all about it. Emily had turned him down so many times, but since I was now her, I decided to humor him. He first took me to the movies, where we watched a chick flick, which I weirdly enjoyed. Then he took me to his place where we cooked dinner. It was so fun and romantic, that I reacted as any girl would, I kissed him. I was surprised at what I had done, and a little embarrased, but thank god he kissed me back. I let him get to second base, but I told him that I had a one year rule for sex. I had just made up that rule, but at least it would give me some time.

As days passed by, I got used to having a boyfriend. I knew him quite well, afterall he used to be my best friend. Plus we both enjoyed playing videogames. Today might only be our 2nd month anniversary, and my 3rd month as a girl, but I have gotten so used to being Emily that I can’t wait for me. I might even break my one year rule tonight.


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