Mommy’s girl

Lucca grabbed her clothes after sending Leon off. She lived in her apartment with her mom and Zack knew from Lucca’s memories that her mom would be back with her boyfriend soon. When they reached home, they went into her mom’s room. Her mom, Mandy, came into Lucca’s room to inform her that he’ll be staying over tonight. Lucca shook her head understanding what was going to happen. As her mom turned her head around, Zack grabbed Mandy from the back and forced some liquid down her throat. Mandy slumped to the floor unconscious. Zack had used his liquid form to put Mandy to sleep for a few hours. Zack than transformed Lucca’s face into the very likeness of her mom. Zack now had the body of a very fit and sexy Lucca and the face of her mom. Zack undressed Mandy and wore her work clothes which were very tight in her chest area from having Lucca’s firm double D’s. Zack walked into Mandy’s room to a waiting Jack in his boxers. Jack not noticing anything amiss was awed by Mandy coming onto him. They started frisking each other before removing most of their clothes. Zack was left in stockings and his exposed chest which was fondled by Jack. He was taken from the back by Jack and loved every second of it. After Jack came, Zack positioned himself over Jack’s mouth and forced Jack to eat him out. As Jack was doing so, Zack liquified and split himself sending the pother half into Jack. When he had taken mover Jack, he had a split vision of himself banging himself. He felt every passionate slam of his new dick into his body. Before he came, he retracted all of himself from Lucca and took over Jack. Lucca’s changes were reverted to her original flat chested self. Zack walked Jacks naked body into Lucca’s room to start having his way with Mandy. He started rubbing her clit to wake her up, eating her out before finally having his was with her pounding Mandy into throes of pleasure.


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