Fisherman Reborn

Eugene had been a fisherman for fifty years, like his father before him and his grandfather too. His grandfather always claimed it all went all way back to his ancestor in ancient Greece, who seduced an ocean nymph and was blessed with good fortune at sea. Of course, Eugene never believed that.

One day, old Eugene fell asleep at the wheel. He was unharmed as his ship careened across open waters, which should have been his first clue that something strange was occurring. When he came to his boat’s navigational system was on the fritz; he had no idea where he was or where he was going. Still, something compelled him to steer the boat towards the midday sun.

As he traveled, he experienced a funny feeling throughout his body. His muscles suddenly felt fantastic, as though decades of hard labor was washed away from them. Then he heard a voice in his ear.

“Are you ready?” it asked.

“For what?” he thought.

“To become your true self,” the voice replied.

Eugene noticed a sudden burst of current and hobbled over to the deck. A feminine figure, full of beautiful curves, had formed from the roil of the ocean. The Goddess, for that is what Eugene believed she was, winked at him. Then she crashed onto his boat like a tidal wave.

Eugene struggled to hold his footing, but he knew boat was about to capsize. He felt the water coil around his legs like serpents, then crawl up his legs and across his chest. Paralyzed with fear, he felt the water enter his body through his mouth, rejuvenating his bones, reshaping his flesh. He felt his manhood engorge with youthful blood, then felt himself cum for the first time in weeks as all his masculinity oozed from his body, leaving behind the absolute vision of femininity. He felt the intruder push her way into its mind, and he felt her thoughts, her needs. As she felt the ocean breeze against her new, glistening pussy, her mind was filled with centuries of knowledge.

Eurynome remembered her lifetime as a human man, and her centuries of life before that. She was truly lucky to have made a pact with a human family so shortly before such things were forbidden by the gods. The life she led as a mortal man ended that day; her divinity, and her memories, had returned to her. She stood, felt her womanly curves and smiled, before setting sail for the realm of man.


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