Beach Body Surfing

Zack was kayaking towards one of the Micronesian islands when he got a storm came in quickly and hit him hard. He lost consciousness and was pulled deep into the ocean. Under the dark seas, he glimpsed upon a green glow which was heading towards him before he lost consciousness. Zack woke up later surprised thinking he had gone to heaven. He realized that he was in the ocean, but he didn’t need to breathe. Zack could feel that he was a liquified version of himself. He could form different shapes with a thought using his body. Zack moved through the ocean quickly before arriving at the coast of the beach he had left from. There he spotted a blonde buxom babe wearing the skimpiest red bikini he had ever seen. She was about to get into the water. Thoughts of lust engulfed Zack as he proceeded closer to her. When he arrived next to her, Zack dragged her down deeper into the ocean. He split himself into two and solidified his shaft into an 8 inch pleasure rod. Sliding her bikini to the side, he entered her folds slamming himself into her while his other body proceeded to slam his shaft into her mouth while he fondled her firm chest. Just as he climaxed, he felt himself shooting into her taking up her body. When he was done, he realized that he was now her. All of her memories were his and he knew everything about her. He was the new Samantha, and she was horny.


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