Another’s Skin

The second I laid eyes on Kayla I knew I wanted her. Not only in the traditional way a man wants a woman, for I longed for more than to lay with her, I wanted to be her. She always dressed feminine, accentuating her petite body with tight skirts, dresses, and all manner of revealing garments. On our first day of classes together I took a shining to her, and she too seemed to like me. I think she enjoyed that I didn’t hit on her like every other guy, we just talked about whatever was on our minds, distracting ourselves from this trivial class we shared.
One day we were having a conversation about former lovers when she asked me “James, why is it you’ve never made a pass at me? Not in a narcissistic way, but I mean, you aren’t gay, so what gives? I’ve seen you eyeing me, and other girls, but you never, you know, make a move.”
Her directness threw me for a moment. “It’s complicated…. When I look at you, it isn’t lust exactly… it’s more… envy I suppose.” This shocked her for a half-beat, before that cute smile returned to her face.
“Envy? For real? Like, in what way?” Her devilish grin revealed her, she was flattered.
“Well, you’re very feminine, and you aren’t shy about how sexy you are. I’ve just always been curious about being the fairer sex.” I responded blushing slightly at my admission.
“Hmmmm,” she sang lightly. “I can understand that, the grass is greener and all that.”
For the rest of class that day, Kayla hardly spoke, but rather stared blankly at the front of the room, lost in thought I suppose.

Several weeks after this conversation I’d all but forgotten, Kayla came trotting into class looking tremendously giddy, and exceptionally cute wearing a white tank-top and a denim skirt. She plopped down in her usual seat next to me, and dropped a tattered looking tome upon our shared desk.
“The Almanac of the Mystic Cycles?” I read aloud, raising an eyebrow to Kayla’s latest read.
“It’s a magic text!” she proclaimed, annoyed at my lack of excitement. “I found it a couple years ago in a dingy old shop; it closed down years ago, but this has been buried in my closet since then and I just thought it was like astrology and zodiac stuff. That is until last night.” She started flipping through pages until she slammed her finger down on a page reading ‘Another’s Skin’. “I found this little number, it goes on to say that performing this ritual, under a full moon can cause two people can switch bodies.”
“And exactly how much money did you waste on this book?” I asked with a healthy dose of sarcasm. Kayla’s smile soured into a pout.
“Hey don’t be a dick, the old man in the store gave it to me for free.” Kayla looked hurt at my dismissal, she was only trying to be nice.
“Okay, I’m sorry for ignoring your kind gesture. I’ll bite, what does this ritual require?” I asked sincerely trying to do some damage control.
“Well 2 willing participants to start, one male one female” Kayla continued, re-energized. “Then we need to find a pool of water outside during the highest point of the full moon, and then… we… couple.” She barely spoke the last word, near a whisper, like anyone who was listening would consider that the wildest detail.
“Couple? You mean like… Sex?” I asked a little surprised at what she was suggesting.
“Yes James, that’s what the ritual says.” Kayla seemed embarrassed now, closing the book and returning it to her bag.
“Well… when’s the next full moon?” I inquired.
Kayla’s face lit up once again “It’s this weekend!” She squeaked with delight.

And so I find myself naked staring at the beautiful body of my friend beneath the moonlight, standing in the shallows of freshwater pond we’d found on a hiking trail. As midnight approached us, Kayla approached me, wrapping her arms around my neck and bringing me into a passionate kiss. She grabbed my hardening cock with her dainty hands, and I grabbed one of her substantial breasts in one hand and pulled her close with the other.
Before long she’d pushed us back to deeper waters, and she effortlessly climbed my body so we were face to face, chest to breast. We disconnected for just long enough for her to guide my cock to her moist slit. The moonlight reflected off her blonde hair in the sexiest way, and I began to thrust my cock in and out of her. She moaned, high pitched and loud, she sounded like such a slut and it only turned me on more. It was like this we continued for quite some time, until I became lost in the euphoria. The sensations of pounding and the sounds of moaning were all I knew in that moment. And the moonlight beat down, I could feel the weight of it, so much more intense than any moon I’d ever seen.
I began to feel my climax coming, but something was not right. I felt as if I was being held and bounced, instead of holding and bouncing my petite lover. I noticed a harsh dual bouncing on my chest, and a splitting feeling form my nether lips. “Having a pussy feels so good!” I thought, unable to form words “OH GOD! I’M GONNA CUM!!!” My thoughts were broken as a long high pitched moan escaped my mouth. I lost myself in orgasm, a tsunami of pleasure rolled over me, and all my thoughts were caught in its undertow. I hardy noticing my partner stiffen, and my already steamy insides were filled with an even greater heat.
Slowly sensation returned to me, a hard now softening presence inside me, and I felt so warm inside, so breathless. Large tits hanging off my chest now pressed against the muscular chest of my lover. My smooth thin legs were wrapped around the strong man I was being held by, he’d stopped kissing me, and was now sucking hard on one of my fat pink nipples. My loud feminine moans resumed, ”God I sound like such a slut,” the lone erotic thought crossed my mind briefly before I was once again blinded by pleasure. Little orgasmic aftershocks shook me as my man carried me effortlessly from the water and we lay together in the grass.
“Well, Kayla, did you enjoy that like I did?” His voice boomed, each note so deep, and manly.
I felt unable to form words yet, so I let out a satisfied “Mhmmmmmm.” and cuddled against my lover’s chest, feeling my former cock pop out of my used pussy. One month as Kayla. I could hardly wait.

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