Ex-Stripper Bid

Jeff couldn’t believe what was going on at the strip club that one night he visited. They were having a retired stripper auction, and he thought it was to win a date with one. He was dead wrong. It was so they could start over as men after that had aged enough where they had to stop stripping. They were auctioning off their bodies, and most of the men there knew that, except Jeff, who once again, failed to read the fine print. Most men that were there for the auction wanted more than to see the strippers, they wanted to be the strippers, even if they were a little older a little more mature than the regulars working there.

When Jeff heard a young man near him yell, “I’d give up a few years to have a rack like that,” he was wondering what that guy meant, did he mean marriage to get to touch her boobs anytime he wanted?

Jeff then noticed when that young man won the auction, they both went backstage, perhaps for their date? Then he seen this raven haired beauty prance out on stage, her chest was tremendously huge, definitely implants, but wow, they were amazing all the same. The tight slinky dress she was in just accentuated them more, and he loved how the short dress was up almost to her pussy, he bet she didn’t even have panties on underneath. She was mature and retired, he remembered her from years back as Raven Hills, one of, if not his favorite stripper of all time at the club. He was surprised she retired so soon, she still would be a hit, but he didn’t know her manager was a bit stringent on age at the club. Jeff decided, now or never, and bid on Ms. Raven.

Jeff even yelled like that young man nearby had, “I’d give up my whole life for a set of honkers like those, baby.”

“Oh really big boy? Well, you could have them if you win, they will be all yours, THIS will be all yours to keep, baby,” she replied, winked at Jeff, then hefted her massive chest before him.

Jeff continued, “I’d take you and massage those, and I’d get your name changed to Treasure Chest, because winning you would be like winning a treasure chest.”

Jeff finally won the bid, and he was taken backstage just as the young man had been. Funny he seen the young man and the previous stripper who went backstage with him, acting a bit strange, but both seemingly happy. They both seemed preoccupied with the mirror and checking themselves out and feeling themselves up, instead of going at it with each other. Suddenly after Raven flipped a switch, they were swapped. Jeff was astonished to suddenly have the massive globes he lusted after on his own chest, that long raven hair framing his own face, that tight short dress revealing his budding cleavage, and letting a draft into his pussy that did in fact have no panties over it. Even the very hands he was using to feel himself up were strange, long slender fingers with long nails, and a pearl bracelet dangling off his tiny right wrist. Without even looking in the mirror yet, he knew he was somehow, someway, Raven Hills, he was the ex-stripper mature babe now. She reiterated to him from his own body the terms, and that the swap was final. She shook his tiny new hand and left, off to her new life as a man, leaving him to his as a retired busty raven haired stripper. In his purse he found information on a card, Raven was now a mature porn star, he hadn’t known that, so now he was the porn star.

Then he got a text on Raven’s, now his, phone, “By the way, I just put that name change through, we get a lot of requests for name changes after holding an auction, so we have a deal with the government to get that done quickly. You are now officially Treasure Chest. They will love that name in your new porn job, though you can still go by Raven Hills for ease of identity in the industry if you want too. Us porn stars, or should I say you porn stars go by many names sometimes in the business. Have a great life, and good luck with, well, you know, those wonderfully expensive wonders on your chest, I will miss them a bit.”

Jeff couldn’t believe it, he was not only a busty ex-stripper turned mature porn star, but now his name was Treasure Chest. Once he got back to Raven’s home, he hefted his new chest in the kitchen, realizing the more he had those globes the more he loved them, this was way better than seeing them on some stage at a strip club, and he didn’t have to pay to see them or feel them now or ever.

He gradually owned up to it, and said to himself in the mirror, “Hello beautiful, welcome to the world, Treasure Chest.”

He didn’t know what to think of all of this, and especially her job as a porn star, but when he thought about her in porn and the men she’s no doubt been with in scenes, he got wet below and his huge nipples tingled. Perhaps her porn job wouldn’t be so bad if his new urges were any indication. He just hoped she was doing as well in his male body in his boring job as an investment banker. He realized this body was his best investment ever, and Raven’s boob job was her best investment period. Now to make money trying out that new equipment….


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