Zod the demon

“Billy I’m just off to take a shower” Billy’s mom said to him poking her head around the door. She noticed Billy (13) sitting on his bedroom floor a bowl consisting of a weird red concoction in front of him. “Ah what are you doing this time?” She asked him making her way into the bedroom making sure to hold tightly to the dressing gown that was concealing her body. “Um it’s just some science experiment from school” Billy lied.

“It’s not going to blow up or make a mess on the carpet, is it?” She asked.

“Nope it should be fine. I’m finished now anyway just got to let it set over night and it should freeze into a jelly called manotine” Billy lied again in his cutest voice stirring the liquid a little.

“Well okay, I’ll believe you, just make sure not to poison yourself” His mom said before briskly making her way out of the room.
“Few finally” Billy said after his mom had left. He reached behind his back and pulled the book that he’d been hiding. “Secrets of the ancients” read the title. He flicked through it stopping at a page titled “How to summon a devil”. He smiled smugly laying the book down next to the bowl. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a lighter which he’d smuggled from his dad’s room earlier. He flicked it down lighting the flame, slowly he reached forward burning the liquid with his lighter. It burst into a blue flame, this was his cue. Quickly he picked up the book and began reading what sounded like gibberish. “Hash-ta tu-atyu heck-af laer-pesjar easd-irf” This went on for about a minute the room gradually getting darker as he carried on. After finishing the last of the incantation, he stopped, looking around. Nothing, only an awkward silence loomed over. When suddenly the flame flashed a blinding white light, Billy could hear a scream coming from down the bathroom, then suddenly the flame went out and everything was silent again.

Quickly Billy jumped to his feet charging towards the bathroom and bursting through the door. “Mom are you all right?” He asked worried. His mom simply stood facing the mirror completely frozen. “Mom are you all right?” Billy asked again. This time she slowly began to turn not bothering to cover up her huge chest which momentarily caught Billy’s eye. But then he noticed something strange, her eyes were glowing red and a mischievous smile spread across her face. “Mom what’s wrong?” He asked worried. “What a fine body you’ve provided me with” She suddenly said.

“What mom?” Billy said confused to what was going on.

“Do you like it?” She asked gesturing down at her body.

“Like what?” Billy replied meekly

“My body, do you like?” She said uncharacteristically.

“Um, what” Billy mumbled.

“Come on touch if you like” She said reaching out and grabbing one of Billy’s hands and pulling it up to her right breast. Billy was frozen. His hand moved closer to her chest when suddenly they touched.

“Go on squeeze my servant” She said. Billy hesitated, “Squeeze” She said again softly. Billy slowly squeezed his mom’s huge breast, feeling the softness of the fleshy pillow. She gasped, “Ah the perks of a human body” She said then pushing Billy out of her way heading out of the bathroom. “Now come young servant show me around my new abode, we’ve got much fun to be had”


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