What goes around comes around

Requested by tfnewbie. Hope I was able to capture what you had in mind 🙂
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Magic is not something mortals should mess with. It was really imprudent for the wizard to start selling those wishing rings. But even a wizard has to pay bills. After all each ring had only enough magic for a couple of small spells. How much harm could they do? Sure, as the rumor spread his shop was stormed by people eager to use magic to get what they wanted, but he was sure everything would turn out fine anyway.

<<Oh yes! Go on girls! This is even better than how I imagined it!>>
The two girls were licking and sucking hungrily the guy’s cock, fighting over it like two lionesses would fight over a piece of meat. Even though they couldn’t control what they were doing, keeping on moaning and giggling as they were wrapping their luscious lips around the hairy balls and running their tongues up and down that shaft, their eyes were reflecting all the unease and the disgust for what was happening.
<<Please do not give me that look Emily. I had no choice but to use magic to fulfill my fantasies. After all, you wouldn’t even give me head since you think that blowjobs are degrading for women, let alone have a threesome with your old fried Laura. Look at it this way, you’re finally having a good time together again after that fight you had over your ex. Do not worry honey, this ring has still enough magic left in it to erase your memories. As soon as we’re finished here you will not even remember what happened. Just let me enjoy the moment while it lasts!>>
To those words the girl cringed, while she was kissing the tip of his cock. What the guy could not know was that the girl kneeled before him giving him the best blowjob of his life was actually Mike, Emily’s ex boyfriend. Trapped in a girl body and being forced to suck a dick he was utterly horrified by the situation, though the magic was making him act like he was enjoying every second of it.
That was disgusting. Now he understood why Emily was constantly complaining to him about her new boyfriend. She started texting him again a few weeks earlier, saying how her man was a brute and how she wished they were still together. He should have known that his girlfriend Laura would get impossibly mad at him if she found out that he was still texting her ex, who she used to be best friend with. But he couldn’t imagine that she would go as far as using a wishing ring to swap him with Emily. <<Fine! If you want to remain close to her I will make you as close as possible!>> she said waving that glowing thing around, and in a blink of the eye he found himself in another house trapped in Emily’s body.
He didn’t even have time to come to the full realization of what had happened to him when Emily’s boyfriend came into the room. To his dismay he noticed that he was wearing a ring identical to the one Laura used on him. <<Look honey, I know that you are not willing to fulfill my fantasies. But I hope you can understand me if I have to resort to such extreme measures.>> he said.
And now there he was, licking that cock like it was a lollypop, disgusted by its sweaty and salty flavor but acting like it was the most delicious thing in the world.
He looked at his girlfriend kneeled beside him, sucking on the guy’s hairy scrotum. He could see in her eyes that she was as disgusted and disturbed by their situation as he was. At least he could find some satisfaction in her discomfort. “That’s what you deserve bitch! What goes around comes around!”.
The guy suddenly started to grunt.
<<Oh yes! I’m almost there! Get ready girls!>> and as he said those words Mike felt compelled to bend backwards and open his mouth wide with his tongue out, ready to receive his load.
Spurts of warm and sticky cum started to be shot from the throbbing cock, landing on the girls’ chests and faces. The girls received the load with an happy and lusty look on their faces and then they threw themselves over the dick eager for more, sucking greedily every single drop of cum that oozed from it.
<<*Pant!**Anf!* That was super girls!>> said the guy exhausted.
Mike was still on his knees, licking the cum from his lips, feeling it start to dry on his chest and on his face. The smell was disgusting, and the salty taste of it made him want to throw up.
<<Now, time to erase your memories.>> said the guy pointing the glowing ring towards him.
“W… Wait no!”


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