New found powers

Tom had just received his new powers. He couldn’t wait until he tried it on one of his friends. He had it all planned out, he even bought some lingerie and girly clothes for after the transformation. It was a long way home, and he was alone in the subway car. But when a random guy entered the car, he decided to try his new found powers ahead of time.

He walked all across the car, until he reached the guy. He dropped the bag containing the lingerie on the chair next to him. “Sorry” Tom said as if he had dropped the bag by mistake. But he then touched the guys arm and recited “You will become my dreamgirl”. The man transformed into a girl. Without saying a word she took her clothes off right infront of Tom, and wore the lingerie. Tom took a picture of her, and she smiled. She continued posing just for him. “Take me with you” the girl said. He handed her a long coat. And picking her former clothes they left together.

At Tom’s place, he took advantage of the situation and had sex with Emily. He came inside of her, and she seemed to enjoy it. Tom was having fun, and he never intended to keep her as a woman forever. So he touched the girl’s arm and recited “Go back to your former male persona”, but nothing happened. He tried it again and again, with no results. He took a look at the guy’s belongings. In his wallet he had the picture of his family. Tom felt bad, he wanted to turn her back into a man, but just couldn’t.

In the next few days, he saw the news of a missing man. He felt even more sorry. Emily was unaware of the changes, in her mind, she was Tom’s girlfriend, and she has been a girl all her life. A few months later Tom learned why he couldn’t turn Emily back. “Love, I have big news” she told Tom. He was surprised, Emily was pregnant, no wonder why he couldn’t turn her back.

Emily was happy, excited, and pretty much in love. Tom loved her very much, but he felt bad about messing wih her former life. Months later, Emily gave birth to a healthy girl named Emma. Although he hesitated knowing how happy Emily was to be a mother, Tom turned her back. A couple of days later he watched the news “Long lost man found after 9 months”, Tom felt happy.

He now was a single parent, and he knew nothing about parenting. He grabbed his own arm, “I am Emily, the mother of Emma”. He quickly transformed into an exact copy of Emily. Emily knew that in reality he was Tom, but he really felt like a woman and a mother. Her breasts felt kind of weird, so she squeezed her nipples a little, a white liquid dripped out of them. It was milk, after all she had just given birth. She took Emma close to her chest, and started feeding her.


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