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Drop and give me 100

Kyle was pretty out of shape, so he decided to sign up for the new gym in town called New U Now, the agent that signed him up was a scorching hot brunette with a killer body, and every other employee also seemed to be at the peak of human perfection, so Kyle was a little intimidated. He decided to go with a personal trainer though and when he met the trainer he was even more intimidated. Her name was Sandra and she was a tight blonde with a gorgeous body and an absolutely perfect ass, so much so that Kyle almost tripped over his own feet as she led him into the personal trainer part of the gym. Read more

New year

It was new year’s eve and i was out in a club with some friends. While dancing i was looking at the potential girls to hit on. I was determined to make some changes this year and to end in bed with a girl tonight. My eyes finally catch the sight of a really sexy girl in a grey coktail dress holding a bottle of champagne dancing. I took a deep breath and leave my friends to take my chances with her. I went close to her and began dancing with her. She was giving me some amused look and i thought it was it was a good sigh for me. Then she took my hand and give me her bottle to drink. “It seem you want to have sex tonight” she tell me with a smile putting the tip of the bottl in my mouth and making me drink the champagne. I felt sudenly very warm and cannot help myself to continue drinking.
” Sadly for you, i’m not interested, but i’m sure plently of boys will be interested in you after you finish drinking” . When i stopped drinking and felt really different. A quick look down confirmed me i wasn’t a man anymore but a really sexy brunette in a revealing black dress. The girl disapear from my side after wishing me luck for the new year and letting me the bottle. But strangely i didn’t care about her or what had happen to me. Even if i was a guy a minute ago, it was like i was finally my true self. All matters to me now was the look of one of my friend looking at me with lust in his eye. And that was making me wet already. I felt sexy and confident, a feeling i rarely experiences, and it was really plesant. I put the tip of the bottle in my mouth again and, while looking at him, mimed a blowjob with the bottle. Then i passed it between my two new perfectly formed breasts. With a smile, i wink at him making a little sign with my finger to come over.
I haven’t really plan this kind of end for this evening but the girl was right, i will have no problem to have sex tonight.
This year will definitly be interesting.

Revealing fantasies

– Wow! i didn’t expext that when i cast the spell to reveal your hidden fantasies Julian. So, that’s how you wanted me to dress and act? And the hand cuff? Seriously? Sorry but i’m not into it, and since you seem to love sumissive cat girl. Why don’t you stay this way from now on, i see there is another spell to make it permanent.
– No please don’t do that! I’m your boyfriend, i love you! You can’t do this to me!
– Sorry but i don’t see a man right now, and i love man. I think i will just find someone else with better taste in women.
– Please don’t do this, i will change! I will be a better man for you.
– Actually, yes, you will change but to be a girl and not for me. But i’m sure your roomate will be glad to find you when he came back from work.
– No! Ple… **ZAP**
– There you are little Juliette! I’m sure you will be very happy living your fantasy.
– Are you the master of Juliette? Nya?
– oh that’s priceless, no i’m not, he will come back soon, just wait for him and be very nice to him
– Juliette will be nice, Juliette want to please master. She will wait for him.
– That’s a good girl

A wish gone right Part 2

It was only a short distance to the mall, and I was happy to see that in addition to being gorgeous and having an amazing house, I also had a great car. It didn’t take long for me to get to the mall, and it was a nice upscale one. I don’t know what compelled me to go there, as I had never really enjoyed shopping, but for some reason this felt right. Before long I was ducking in and out of different shops, trying on outfits, window shopping, just generally doing what you would expect a teenage girl to be doing. Read more


“I can’t be a girl!” I moaned. Despite everything that had my wife Ashley had done to me, I was holding onto that single thought. I don’t know how or why she did it. I knew she was bisexual, but I thought that when we got married she was happy. I guess I was wrong. Read more


I stood bent over with the rest of the girls ready for inspection. We had all come in to the academy at the same time and grown quite close. We first bonded by complaining about our wives for sending us to this strange place, then about silly frilly outfits they forced us to wear, then about surgeries and now about how cute the man was who gave us our weekly inspection. I felt him stand over me and trace the curves of my backside with his finger. I couldn’t but get a little excited and lean into it. Suddenly the finger moved away and the man was cupping my new breasts. “Good size.” He said as he weigh them in his hands. He started to rotate his thumbs around my nipples and I couldn’t help releasing a whimper of pleasure. He leaned further in and I could feel his hard cock pressed against my ass. I whimpered louder just begging him to throw me on a bed and fuck me like a real man. And then he had moved on to the next girl. God dd I have a story to tell the girls tonight.

The Cum Ring

(credit for this idea goes to the author paradox on fictionmania and his story The Ring, one of my all time favorites) Read more

The car

-Wow what a beauty.
– Yeah sir, but it’s a special car, it’s not for everyone.
– What do you mean? Is it expensive, cause i think i have enough money to buy a car like that
– It’s not a matter of price but more about the car who chose its owner.
– An how we know that?
– You have to be manly enough to sit in this car. That what it said on the board of the car. All you have to do is sit in it and see if i accept you or not.
– Ok seems simple, why not give it a try?
– It’s just … you really shouldn’t try it
– Man, you don’t think i’m worth it? Fuck you man, i will sit in this car and buy it just after
– No please, i beg you sir, don’t do t….
– And another customer transformed…
– mmmmh, please go in, i need a man, sooooo bad mmmmmh
– Get out missy, i will give you all you want in my office.
– Okay teehee
– God that one really is as hot as she was a pain in the ass as a man.

Wrong package

I was at home watching TV, when suddenly my door bell ring. I went to the door and asked “Who’s there?” it was the postman. He brought me a package, I signed for and he left. It was a bit strange, I haven’t ordered anything lately. Anyway I took the package and brought it into the room, opened it and there was huge pink Dildo. It was very strange, who would send me such thing. I looked at it as it hypnotized me. I looked at it and a strange voice sounded in my head “Take me, lick me, suck me,” it was very strange. I closed the box, but the voice in my head kept getting louder “come on slut, take me, suck me, I know you want it.” “What the hell” I thought, and diside to return watching TV, suddenly it start to show as a bigbreasted blonde licked and sucked the same pink Dildo like in my box. I switched the channel but there was the same blonde, again and again blonde sucking Dildo. The voice in my head just shouted “Come on slut suck Dildo” I could no longer resist, I opened the box against my will and took Dildo. I opened my mouth and shoved a huge Dildo inside it and start to lick and suck it. The voice in my head continued to whisper “Good slut, very good suck me” while my lips began to swell turning into a plump cocksucking lips. My hair turning into long blonde hair. I rolled my eyes while sucking Dildo and a voice in my head continue repeating “Yes, Yes, good slut, suck me”, my face became feminine. My whole body began to tingle while the magic spread through it. My frame became smaller. My shoulders narowed while my hips widened and waist became thiner, i get perfect hourglass figure. My chest itches as my nipples start to swell, my areolas expanded, and two huge fatty piece of flesh start to form on my chest. I grow large soft and firm boobs double D size. My ass swollen in a matter of seconds turning into fat jiggling, feminine ass. My penis sucked inside my body forming delicate pussy. I fully became a woman and the voice in my head start to whisper “Come on slut, shove me in your wet pussy” as hypnotized I obeyed and shoved a huge Dildo into my pussy. Then I start to pump the Dildo in and out of my pussy. The feeling was amazing, I quickly brought myself to orgasm and the magic Dildo vaporized all my manhood without a trace. “Yes, good slut, now you Bimbo forever,” the voice in my head start to fade and thoughts about sex as a woman start to fill my mind. Now my name is Alice, and I desire to suck and fuck big meaty cocks.