The Cum Ring

(credit for this idea goes to the author paradox on fictionmania and his story The Ring, one of my all time favorites)

“I’m serious Tyler, that witch told me that if someone cums while wearing this ring, and the cum gets on a girl, then she becomes sexier and hornier. Not only that but it also makes you irresistible to any girl you want.”

My roommate John and I shared a college dorm room, and he was always obsessed with getting laid. He never seemed to go to class or study, preferring to spend all of his time working out or trying to pick up girls and I wondered how he could possibly still be passing. I also didn’t think he was the brightest person in the world, so it didn’t surprise me that he would fall for something like this.

“Whatever John, if you dropped a hundred bucks on that, that’s on you.” I let the matter drop and didn’t think much of it after that. Over the next two weeks though I noticed that John seemed to be getting laid every day. Each time I would come back to the dorm a super hot girl seemed to be on her way out with wrinkled clothes and disheveled hair.

Finally I decided to skip class and see what was going on. As I walked up to our dorm room door I could hear a moaning from inside, pushing the door open I saw John taking a smoking hot blonde from behind, vigorously pumping in and out of her with her skirt hiked around her waist.

They were so focused on what they were doing, that for a few seconds my presence went unnoticed, but it scared the hell out of John when he noticed me. Unfortunately my timing couldn’t have been worse, as he came right at that moment, with the majority landing on the back of the blonde. One rope however, shot out and hit me right on the face.

I was furious, but before I could say or do anything my body shifted. It wasn’t a gradual shift either, within a second my view of the room had changed, as I had shrunk a good foot from my previous 6’1, and a pair of small tits sat on my chest.

This freaked the blonde out, and she screamed, jumped up and bolted out of the room. I guess I can’t blame her, seeing a guy transform into a petite girl was not an everyday experience. I however was too shocked to do anything for a minute.

“Holy shit.” John said. “I had no idea this would work on a guy.” I was in a state of disbelief myself, and scrambled to a mirror we had in the room. I looked to be about 18, and I wasn’t exactly a curvy girl, My tits were barely there, I had an attractive but plain face, and no curves whatsoever.

More alarming though was John in the background, he was sitting on his bed, totally naked, and even in the reflection my sight was drawn to his dick. I forgot the other stipulation of this ring was that it made girls horny.

I was greatly conflicted, in my mind I knew I was a heterosexual male, but this body didn’t seem to recognize that fact, and I could feel my pussy wetting itself. I tried to fight the urge to do what I was about to do, but it was like I had a compulsion to get on my knees and suck his dick.

John was just as surprised when I did this, and said, “wow Tyler, what are you doing.” As I dropped to my knees I said “as long as this lasts, it’s Tiffany.” With that I took his entire length into my mouth, swirling my tongue around all of his sensitive spots. It didn’t take long before I felt him tense up and a splash of cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed all of it, scooping little bits that escaped into my mouth.

As I did this I could feel my tits start to inflate a bit, my bones groaning a bit as my hips expanded ever so slightly and my ass expanding outward just a bit. I also felt my sex drive increase, and I immediately got to my feet, pushing John flat onto the bed. I didn’t take my time, I knew what I wanted and how to get it. I must have milked a good 5 loads out of John during the rest of the day, and by the time we both collapsed, I was rocking solid C cup tits, brilliant blue eyes, a tight and curvy athletic body, and long dirty blonde hair.

We fell asleep in his bed, and when we both woke up the next morning John asked, “so what do we do now Tiffany?”

With a seductive grin I dropped to my knees, took his rapidly hardening shaft into my hands and started stroking. After a few minutes I could feel he was about to cum so I decided now was the right time to answer his question. “I don’t know about long term.” He moaned and his load shot onto my face. I smiled at him as I felt my tits shifting and said “but right now I want bigger tits.”


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