role exchanger – dealing with teenage pregnancy

Stacy is trying to help her former boyfriend Dave deal with the massive changes in his life since they both fell victim to the roll exchanger attack a few weeks ago.

She keeps telling him it could have been even worse, but it’s hard for him to see it that way. They were getting in their car which was parked near a hospital when it happened… both of them got hit twice right off the bat.

First, they both exchanged bodies with two 18 year old girls that were parked next to them, and while Dave understands that it is just as bad for those girls to adjust to suddenly being in their 30 year old bodies, he is having a very hard time suddenly adjusting to no longer being 30 year old man but an 18 year old girl….

The second hit made it even worse for him, as the role exchanger had just hit two pregnant women walking into the hospital, who suddenly found themselves childless, and, only seconds after Dave and Stacy became 18 year old girls, they suddenly found themselves 6 months pregnant as well.

Stacy was lucky enough to only be hit twice, but, much to his dismay, Dave got hit two more times as well, which is a big part of what is causing his depression.

Not only is he trying to adjust to being 18 years old, female and pregnant, but he also was had his fashion sense and sexual orientation swapped with two other teen age girls that were nearby.

The raging hormones and from being pregnant and teenager would be hard enough for him to deal with, but, it’s made even worse by having to adjust to dressing like a teenage girl and finding himself now sexually attracted to men. He hates how he constantly thinks about it as well, due to his pregnant teen body’s super high libido.

Stacy and Dave are no longer a couple, but now best girlfriends. Stacy hopes that after the babies are born and Dave has gotten more adjusted to his new body, that maybe she can help him meet a nice guy to date.


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