I stood bent over with the rest of the girls ready for inspection. We had all come in to the academy at the same time and grown quite close. We first bonded by complaining about our wives for sending us to this strange place, then about silly frilly outfits they forced us to wear, then about surgeries and now about how cute the man was who gave us our weekly inspection. I felt him stand over me and trace the curves of my backside with his finger. I couldn’t but get a little excited and lean into it. Suddenly the finger moved away and the man was cupping my new breasts. “Good size.” He said as he weigh them in his hands. He started to rotate his thumbs around my nipples and I couldn’t help releasing a whimper of pleasure. He leaned further in and I could feel his hard cock pressed against my ass. I whimpered louder just begging him to throw me on a bed and fuck me like a real man. And then he had moved on to the next girl. God dd I have a story to tell the girls tonight.


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