“I can’t be a girl!” I moaned. Despite everything that had my wife Ashley had done to me, I was holding onto that single thought. I don’t know how or why she did it. I knew she was bisexual, but I thought that when we got married she was happy. I guess I was wrong.

“Of course you are silly, your name is Tiffany.” she said as her fingers plunged into my new pussy, she must have made me ultra sensitive as well, because I immediately came, my juices flowing freely on her hand. As she said that it instantly became truth. “Of course I’m Tiffany babe, what other name would I have?”

She just smiled and kept up the pace. “Wait I said, I have memories of being a man, of marrying you, of our wedding night.” Again her hand traces against my now slick folds. “We are married babe, and we both looked so beautiful in our wedding dresses, of the first time we made love as a married couple. You were so beautiful laying there as I ravished your body with my tongue and toys.”

Again I came and memories of that ran through my head. God she had looked so beautiful licking my pussy, her deep blue eyes looking up at me as she brought me to orgasm after orgasm. “But I’ve always been on top” I protested. I wasn’t aware of it but deep within me what was left of my male mind was putting up one more fight to try and recover who I was.

Again though my wife’s hand started working it’s magic. “I don’t think so Tiffy, in fact you love it when I call you Tiffy, it’s my pet name for you my submissive little slut. You love nothing more than to be fucked and dominated by me. Every dirty fantasy I’ve ever had you get off on playing out. Especially that one time I made you go to work with a vibrator shoved up in your pretty little pussy.

My mind was flooded of memories of that occasion, of stumbling through work in my shirt, barely able to keep my composure as wave after wave of pleasure hit me through the work day. By the time I was home, my body was so exhausted from the constant stimulation I had barely had enough energy to service Mistress Ashley.

As Ashley watched her new submissive and slutty wife accept everything she imprinted on her, she made a mental note to thank the wizard for the spell. Then she turned her attention to her lover, commanding her to eat her pussy. It was a very pleasant evening indeed for both of them.


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