A wish gone right Part 2

It was only a short distance to the mall, and I was happy to see that in addition to being gorgeous and having an amazing house, I also had a great car. It didn’t take long for me to get to the mall, and it was a nice upscale one. I don’t know what compelled me to go there, as I had never really enjoyed shopping, but for some reason this felt right. Before long I was ducking in and out of different shops, trying on outfits, window shopping, just generally doing what you would expect a teenage girl to be doing.

One thing that was going to take getting use to though was the attention. I mean I was a gorgeous girl in a skimpy purple dress, and everyone, men and women were checking me out. Finally, after several hours, I went into a bath and body shop just to check it out. It was there that everything changed and I was soon to realize the other part of my wish; you know the part where I wished for amazing sex with anyone I wanted.

After a few minutes of looking around I saw her, a beautifully petite and young brunette who appeared to work there. She looked to be about 5 minutes out of high school, and had the most gorgeous eyes in addition to a slim body. She was wearing a black polo and a pair of khaki jeans that were so tight they looked painted on. I immediately knew what I wanted and lust began bubbling within me.

I approached her, looking her over once again and saw that she had a nametag that said “Tiffany.” I asked her for some help with something at the back of the store, and she happily obliged, letting me lead the way. I made sure to put an extra swing in my step, allowing my dress to show off just a little extra as I went to the back.

Finally we were in a secluded part of the store, and I pointed to an item on the shelf. As Tiffany stepped by me to grab it, I decided now was the time. I reached both my arms around her waist, exposing her tight little tummy, and meanwhile I planted a light kiss on her neck. The results were instead, and she let out a sexy moan and seemed to sink into my arms.
I continued kissing her neck for a minute as my arms ran up her stomach and onto her firm young tits which were capped by rock hard nipples I could feel even through the fabric. Tiffany was totally submissive in my arms, and could only whisper, “oh my god, I’m not even into girls, but please don’t stop.”

I snaked one hand down to her pants, and popped the button, my hand immediately dived in to find a dripping wet pussy, which I immediately went to work on. While I was doing this Tiffany turned her head to meet mine, and we started making out, our tongues dancing as my fingers continued their motions.

Anyone who turned the corner would have seen an amazing sight. A beautiful brunette in a sundress fingering a tight young girl from behind as they made out. I could tell Tiffany was extremely aroused as her pussy had grown even wetter and her neck was flushed. A few moments later I could feel her pussy clenching around my fingers as she came. It took all of her willpower not to make noise, and the sexy little whimper she let out was enough to take my horniness to the next level as well.
Withdrawing my fingers from her pants, I brought my hand up to my face as I spun her around to face me. I took a lick, tasting her juices before I told her. “Taste yourself.” She put up no resistance and licked my fingers clean before pulling me in for another kiss. As our tongues danced once more I could taste her juices being swapped back and forth.

Finally she broke the kiss and said, “I’m off in 30 minutes, don’t go anywhere.” With that she rebuttoned her pants and left me to my thoughts. This is when I realized how I had worded my wish. “Amazing sex with whoever I want.” So apparently I had the power to seduce anyone that caught my fancy. As I came to this realization I thought to myself. “I’m a hot, rich teenager with the power to turn anyone I want into a puddle of horniness, this is going to be fucking amazing.”

The time was gone before I realized it, and Tiffany came back, an unconcealed look of lust in her eyes. Taking her by the hand we went to my car and sped home. It took all my willpower not to finger her in the car, and when we got inside she jumped on me, our lips immediately locking in a passionate kiss. I carried her to the bedroom and put her on the bed as I shed my dress and panties, and soon stood totally naked.
She wasted no time, peeling off her clothes and soon two very naked and very horny girls were making out on my bed. This time Tiffany took the lead, lowering herself down to my pussy. Despite her earlier protests about not being into girls, she began going after my pussy with such skill that I had trouble believing this was her first time. Every bud on her tongue set off a spark as she ate me out, and soon she plunged two fingers into my pussy, making me gasp with pleasure as she continued to tongue and finger fuck me. This combination of pleasure was too much, and within minutes I let loose a moan as an intense orgasm hit me, my pussy convulsing around her fingers.

Unlike guys though, this didn’t satisfy me, and Tiffany didn’t slow her motions, and I was shortly hit by a second intense orgasm. I could take no more after this, and decided it was Tiffany’s turn. I reached into my dresser without even thinking about it and pulled out a vibrator. I changed positions with her, and immediately started licking her pussy and letting the vibrator go on her clit. We kept this up for hours, one of us would fuck the other, then switch when the pleasure became too great. Finally we collapsed onto each other, bodies glistening with sweat and exhausted from fucking.
I woke to the sun streaming in the window, and a beautiful brunette cuddled up against me. As I stirred, so did she, and she looked up at me and smiled. “Listen, I don’t know what it is about you, I’m not interested in girls as a relationship, but for some reason I can’t keep my hands off of you.”

With that I pulled her down to the sheets into a passionate kiss, and her fingers once again found my pussy. As her fingers rocked back and forth and our tongues intertwined, I thought to myself again how fucking amazing this life was going to be, before I could take the thought any farther though, I was once again overwhelmed with lust and gave into the moment.


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