New year

It was new year’s eve and i was out in a club with some friends. While dancing i was looking at the potential girls to hit on. I was determined to make some changes this year and to end in bed with a girl tonight. My eyes finally catch the sight of a really sexy girl in a grey coktail dress holding a bottle of champagne dancing. I took a deep breath and leave my friends to take my chances with her. I went close to her and began dancing with her. She was giving me some amused look and i thought it was it was a good sigh for me. Then she took my hand and give me her bottle to drink. “It seem you want to have sex tonight” she tell me with a smile putting the tip of the bottl in my mouth and making me drink the champagne. I felt sudenly very warm and cannot help myself to continue drinking.
” Sadly for you, i’m not interested, but i’m sure plently of boys will be interested in you after you finish drinking” . When i stopped drinking and felt really different. A quick look down confirmed me i wasn’t a man anymore but a really sexy brunette in a revealing black dress. The girl disapear from my side after wishing me luck for the new year and letting me the bottle. But strangely i didn’t care about her or what had happen to me. Even if i was a guy a minute ago, it was like i was finally my true self. All matters to me now was the look of one of my friend looking at me with lust in his eye. And that was making me wet already. I felt sexy and confident, a feeling i rarely experiences, and it was really plesant. I put the tip of the bottle in my mouth again and, while looking at him, mimed a blowjob with the bottle. Then i passed it between my two new perfectly formed breasts. With a smile, i wink at him making a little sign with my finger to come over.
I haven’t really plan this kind of end for this evening but the girl was right, i will have no problem to have sex tonight.
This year will definitly be interesting.


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