Revealing fantasies

– Wow! i didn’t expext that when i cast the spell to reveal your hidden fantasies Julian. So, that’s how you wanted me to dress and act? And the hand cuff? Seriously? Sorry but i’m not into it, and since you seem to love sumissive cat girl. Why don’t you stay this way from now on, i see there is another spell to make it permanent.
– No please don’t do that! I’m your boyfriend, i love you! You can’t do this to me!
– Sorry but i don’t see a man right now, and i love man. I think i will just find someone else with better taste in women.
– Please don’t do this, i will change! I will be a better man for you.
– Actually, yes, you will change but to be a girl and not for me. But i’m sure your roomate will be glad to find you when he came back from work.
– No! Ple… **ZAP**
– There you are little Juliette! I’m sure you will be very happy living your fantasy.
– Are you the master of Juliette? Nya?
– oh that’s priceless, no i’m not, he will come back soon, just wait for him and be very nice to him
– Juliette will be nice, Juliette want to please master. She will wait for him.
– That’s a good girl


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