Hard to turn on

Lately I was looking for a roommate. After a few candidates I finally found Robert. He was 27 years old just like me and he seemed to be a nice guy. He signed the agreement and soon moved in.

On the first day his mother payed a visit. I was always close with my family so i completely understood that she want’s to see how her son is living now. I didn’t know that her visit had something to do with me. She explained her son’s problems with women. Apparently he was still a virgin and she was afraid he migh stay one for the rest of his life. I found it weird that she’s interested in her son’s sexual life and asked what it has to do with me. She then begin to mumble something under her breath and my body was changing with each word she spoke. Soon i found myself turned into a woman.

Now I have make love to her son or else she won’t change me back. I was disgusted by the idea of having sex with a man but if I ever want to get my dick back I will have to swallow my manly pride and let him fuck me. The problem is Robert wasn’t interested in me at all. I tried everything to seduce him. I keep walking around in underwear or sometimes even naked. I drop stuff on the floor on purpose so i can bend over to pick it up showing off my round butt. I talk with him in a seductive manner and play with my boobs around him. I tried sexy dresses, skirts, yoga pants but nothing seemed to work. Maybe he’s gay? Or maybe he finds me unatractive? I don’t know why I’m so upset about the second option, like it’s that i care if a man finds me good looking.

This is my final try. If this lingerie won’t make him want to fuck me then i quit. I don’t care if his crazy mom won’t turn me back. I’ve been a woman for three months, enough time to get used to it. If this doesn’t work then I’m going out to find another guy who is willing to do it. My attempts to seduce him are making me more horny than he ever was and it’s so frustrating when i can’t relive the sexual tension growing in my body.


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