Week as his mom

Sharon had used some sort of magic spell to teach her son a lesson about adulthood. His behavior was bad recently so this will be a perfect oportunity to show him how hard could be a life of an adult. In an instant Mike turned form a 16 years old boy into a 35 years old woman who was an excact copy of his mother. She then told him he would take her place for a week and turned into a copy of Mike. She left him alone so Mike could get used to his new body and packed her things for the school trip Mike was supposed to go but now she will go instead.

A week later Sharon came back from the trip. The whole time she thought about Mike’s punishmet and how would he manage to do her work. When she came in the house she noticed it was clean. Sharon was relieved that everything was on it’s place. “Mike?” she called. “Up here!” She hear her old voice comming form her bedroom. She opened the door and saw her copy smiling at her. “Thank you so much for this” Mike said before Sharon could say anything. She looked confused at her son. “You’re not mad?” She asked. “I was at first. Putting me in your shoes was pretty hard you know. I had to clean the house, take care of little Ellie and pretend to be a wife. Not to mention seeing your naked image in the mirror. But after this whole week i got used to it and i started to enjoy your life. I think i will keep it” Mike smiled. “Wait, there is no way i’m giving it to you” Sharon protested. “You already gave it” Mike showed her the book she used to transform them. “Where did you get it” Sharon said. “You were in such a hurry you forgot to pack it. Now it’s mine” Mike laughed. “Give it back!” Sharon demanded. “No way. I’m going to enjoy your life. It’s so much better than what i had” Mike said. “You really think you can fool my husband? He will find out sooner or later” Sharon said. “I already fooled him. He’s certain that i’m his wife. And i’m must say he’s really amazing in bed” Mike grinned. “You had sex with your stepfather?!” Sharon couldn’t belive. “Husband” Mike corrected her. “And since we didn’t use any protection, i’m sure you will have another stepbrother or stepsister” Mike smiled. “Now one last thing” Mike opened the book and chanted a spell. Soon Sharon’s mind was wiped out and replaced by Mike’s memories. Mike closed the book and smiled “So, how was your trip sweetie?” Mike smiled. “It was great!” The new Mike exclaimed. “I’m sure it was. Come, i will make you something to eat and then you will tell me everything”.


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