Playing innocent

“What the hell is going on!” Lauren screamed as she woke up. “I have no idea” Kevin shrugged his shoulders, trying to look as innocent as he could. “I just woke up and suddenly realized i’m you” Kevin said to his aunt. “Maybe it’s a dream” He said. “Well i’m sure it’s not. Especially feeling this hard thing in my pants” Lauren winced. “Oh don’t worry. It’s completely normal” Kevin said adjusting the straps of his nightgown. “It’s not normal! I’m a woman not a teenage boy!” Lauren yelled. “Easy, i’m sure there is a way back” Kevin went closer to his aunt and give her a hug, seeing as she begin to cry.

Lauren was completely unaware that it was all of his plan. Kevin always envied his aunt. She was a succesful woman with a great looks, he dreamed to be like her. Luckily with the help of his friend who knew a little magic Kevin was able to swap bodies with her. His parents were on a busines trip so he had to stay at his aunt’s place. This was a perfect oportunity to use the spell and swap bodies during the night. He had what he wanted. Now it’s time to make his aunt comfortable in his body. That wasn’t a problem since Kevin had a spell for it. Soon Lauren will forget about her past and she will belive she was always Kevin. It will only take some time so for now Kevin needs to play innocent.


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