Woke Up as a Trophy

Linda invited the young man Ted over for tea. She said she was lonely trophy wife, her husband always away on business. Ted was being nice, and said he would make her his business if she would let him. She took him up on the offer, getting naked. As Ted as about to undress, he blacked out, and when he woke, the room was empty and so was his new crotch. As he touched one of his new boobs and his new clitoris, his new mouth was aghast at the change in body. He was a naked woman with her legs spread. Then his former body entered the room smiling. Linda in his body told him, she was going to make being a woman his business now, and lunged for his exposed new equipment, leaving Ted’s mouth open even wider, as his approaching scream became a moan of unexpected and foreign pleasure, but pleasure none-the-less!


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