Part of his plan

You never learn daddy do you? How many time i have to swap our bodies so you will finally understand what i feel? When will you become the father every teenage girl deserves” Katie said from her father’s body. John who was now his own daughter lowered his head in shame. “I’m sorry” He said quietly. “Sorry or not you know the rules. You’re staying in my body for three days” She said and left the room. John crossed his arms. He waited to make sure his daughter was away. “Finally, i thought she would never leave” John smiled. “She can have my body as much as she wants. I’m going to stay here and enjoy my youth”.

Since Katie found a body swap spell she used it to punish her father whenever he did something she didn’t aprooved. Little did she know that John actually enjoyed their swaps. He liked to be a teenage girl even if the body belonged to his own daughter. Poor Katie was clueless that it was John’s plan all along and this was their last swap since the spell had it’s limits. John calculated everythig and it appears that from today Katie’s body will be his forever.


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