Getting rid of him

When my father passed away he left us quite a fortune, enough so we could not worry about money for the rest of our lives. My mother didn’t waste any money and saved as much as she could for our future. That was until Tom appeared in our lives. That leech warped my mom around himself and sucked from her bank account. She was madly in love with him, after all he was the first man in her life after my father died. I couldn’t reason with her so i had to find another way to get rid of Tom.

My neighbor was willing to help. I often helped the old lady with groceries so she wanted to repay. She had a book containing some magic spells. One i found could be pretty usefull, a body swap spell. Thanks to it i could swap bodies with my mom and break up with Tom. I sound like a perfect plan but the old lady warned me that the spell works only once. Just as i thought i have a solution everything went down and i had to search from the begining. Either way i took the spell just in case.

I thought about it alot. I couldn’t watch how Tom is ruining my mother’s life, i had to do something. I looked again at the spell. I know it’s the only solution i have but was it worth to become my own mom for the rest of my life?
I made my decision a week later, when i saw our bank account. If this continues we will go bankrupt. I spend the last day in my body with my friends, knowing that if this spell works i won’t be able to meet with them again, at least not as their friend, i will become their friend’s mother.

Next morning i woke up in my mom’s bedroom. “It worked” I said aloud hearing my mother’s voice came out of my mouth. I got up and felt the diffirences in her body. The weight on my chest, the feeling of her satin nightgown on my soft skin or the emptyness betwen my legs. “This had to be done” I sighed and started to dress up in her clothes.

Till the evening i slowly learned how to be me mom. The spell worked perfectly and my mom in my body was completely unaware of the change. She acted like me and didn’t have any memories of being anyone else.

When the time had come i put on my mother’s dress and went to the restaurant where i was supposed to meet with Tom. When i got there he was already sitting at the table. He looked at me and smiled, god how i hated his face, he really looked like the snake he was. I sat next to him and we started to chat. After some time he kneeled and took a ring from his pocket. I bet he bought it with my mom’s money. He said a boring monologue about how he loves me and want to spend the rest of his life with me. Yeah sure, more like her money. Everyone was looking at us. I smiled and said “No way darling” his smile disappeared. “You don’t love me but my money” I said and showed him the bank statement. “This is the end Tom, get out of my life” before he could say something i spilled the wine on him. As i was going out everyone looked at me. I walked proudly feeling strong and confident. I can’t go back to my old life so i have to start a new one. I think it won’t be so bad. I’m a rich and sexy woman in her mid 30’s, there is still a lot ahead of me. Maybe i could find a man who will love me and we could start a family.


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