Older sibling

It wasn’r easy to be the younger sibling in this family and 12 years old Owen know it best. His older brother Tom had most privileges and priority. It was always like this, the oldest one gets everything. Owen thought it was unfair. His parents already promised his brother a new car in a few months while Owen could only watch and envy. He decided to put an end to this with some help of magic.
He bought a spell thats supposed to make him older. He made sure nobody is at home at the moment and locked himself in the bathroom. As he chanted the spell the words started to fade from the scroll. Now Owen could only wait for the result.
Soon his body started to grow. “It’s working!” Owen exclaimed. But there was something suspicious, his body didn’t get any more masculine as he had thought it would, instead his skin was becoming soft. His hands were dainty, his legs smooth and sexy and his feet small. When his hair grew long Owen knew he screwed up something but it was too late as his chest swelled forming a pair of nice breasts. After that his worst nightmare began as his manhood got sucked inside his body and been replaced by a vagina. Owen looked terrified at the girl in the mirror, the girl he had become.

After a few months Owen stop regretting. Sure he had to live as a girl now but he was 18 years old, he was the older sibling meaning he gets the car. Tom could only watch as his new sister Caroline gets into the car. “It’s not fair” He said angrily but there was nothing he could do. Caroline smiled as she sat in her new car. She looked up at her brother who still was mad at her. “Sorry kid, this ride is mine” She laughed and started the engine, deciding to take a test ride in her brand new car.


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