Look what have you done

“Why are you looking at me like this?” Adam asked. “You idiot! Do you realize what you just did!” Martin yelled in a high piched voice. “Oh so when you’re doing this it’s fine but when it’s my turn then you get angry? You were turning me into a girl for the past two weeks. I had to pretend to be your girlfriend the whole time so you could boast about it at school. You owe me something so now you will be my girlfriend” Adam defended himself.
“But you don’t know how to use it” Martin looked terrified. “Of course i know. You’re a chick now so it worked” Adam didn’t understand what’s the problem. Martin shook his head “Did you precise for how long the spell should work” Martin asked. “No. Should i?” Adam was slowly becoming aware why Martin was so angry. “Well done Potter” Martin said sarcastically. “If you don’t precise how long the spell should work then…” Martin paused for a moment, the words couldn’t leave his mouth. “You become a girl forever?” Adam asked but by looking at Martin’s face he could guess the answer. “Dude i’m sorry i didn’t mean to” Adam apologized but Martin didn’t listen to him. It looks like he would need a new name and some clothes to fit his new body.


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