“So how do you like my body?” Stacy asked. “It’s wonderfull. I feel so sexy. Thank you so much for lending me your body” James said taking a picture in his underwear, admiring Stacy’s body. “No problem. Did you have some fun?” Stacy asked while still being in James’s body. James suddenly lowered his head. “About that… I’m really sorry but i had sex with Mike” James said embarassed. Stacy rised her eyebrow waiting for him to continue. “I’m really sorry. I know how much you like him. I didn’t want to but when we talked at work he seemed to be so nice so i asked him out. After that we went to his place, we had a few glasses of wine and the next thing i know we were both naked making love” James explained. “Don’t worry James, it’s fine. I probably wouldn’t be able to ask him out so it’s good you made the first step” Stacy smiled. “So you’re not mad?” James asked. “Of course not. But tell me how was he? I need to know what i’ve missed” Stacy went closer. “It was amazing. He’s such a good kisser and the way he works with his equipment! I had three orgasms!” James exclaimed. “Good to see it was worth it” Stacy laughed. “Do you think we can do this again” James asked hoping she will agree. “Again? Sweetie you don’t need to ask me for permission anymore” Stacy said. “What do you mean?” James was curious. “James, when i used the spell to swap our bodies i made it permament. It’s your body now and you are free to do whatever you want” Stacy said. James looked at her shocked. His enthusiasm suddenly disappeared. Sure he had fun in her body but actually becoming her? James had some serious doubts about it.


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