You won’t steal my dreams

Tom still remembers the look on Ryan’s face when he casted the spell.
It was back when Tom fought for the position of the sales manager. It was his dream, he worked so hard and now he was so close to finally get it. But it all went to hell when his co worker, Ryan started to play dirty. He was spreading nasty rumors about how Tom is treating women. The bosses heard about it and decided that it will be Ryan who get’s the position. Tom was furious. If Ryan wanted to play dirty let it have his way.

He went to the magic store where he bought a scroll. One spell was all it took to change reality and transform Ryan from a man to a beautiful woman. Tom did not stop there. Now he got the position he wanted so bad but he still had plans for Ryan. With the help of the scrool Ryan became Tom’s wife. The scroll controled his mind so Ryan, now Rebecca was completely obidient, despite having all of the memories of being a guy.
Tom was very satisfied with the outcome. He had a great job and a beautiful wife who was amazing when it comes to sex.


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