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Busty Trusty

Rhonda, Brenda, Jess, Tess, and Rory, all welcomed Tim to womanhood much to his surprise and shock. Rhonda and Jess hefted and licked his new boobs, as Rory licked his new pussy. Brenda and Tess declared that Tiffany was born as “she” moaned in ecstasy as her pussy was eaten out. Tim now Tiffany had said she loved big breasted slutty girls, so they made him into one. The girls didn’t appreciate being called sluts, so a little revenge and addition to their girl group was in order for Tim to learn a lesson and join them as their newest member of the Roxy Foxy group of party gals.

Into the Wrong House

When Brent the burglar entered this particular mansion, it was the wrong house for him. The owner, was there, despite creating the illusion he was gone on vacation. The lights came on, and low and behold there stood Brent with two bags of goodies from the mansion, and the owner angrily smiling at him. Read more

Beside Himself

Jeff was so full of himself and self centered, the old woman at the carnival could see right through him. She thought the world would be better served if this guy was taught a lesson in humility. Read more

Flight of the Attendants

From left to right: Paul, Timothy, Wilson, Blake, and Simon were all airline pilots until they overstepped their bounds with Equal Air, a new airline company. They had all been caught on numerous occasions, not only flirting with flight attendants, but also demeaning them, degrading them, and basically being typical male chauvinists, but also ones that flew the planes. This allowed them some leeway, for awhile that is. Read more

They’re Gone

Once Tim and Jeff looked at their new crotches, the look of shock was on their faces, they realized that their former male equipment was gone, and their status as chicks was confirmed. They had been overhead in their conversation earlier, about women being inferior and good for one thing, and they girls overhearing it would have none of that from those two. Carl, one of the girls hearing this, said it was time to put them in their place. Read more

Lie Twice Lesson Learned

Conrad the copilot was asked by a nice old lady to check her luggage to make sure she had her passport with her, it was too high up for her to reach, and all the flight attendants were busy with other passengers. The plane had yet to take off and Conrad was not busy, at the moment, but he resisted, pulling the “it’s not my job” attitude on her. Read more

A Cheap Whore

Darren called his girlfriend a cheap whore in front of his friends, and that was the last straw, as she used her family heirloom to make things right. Read more

Double Meat

An angry Ted told the drive through girl he asked for “double meat” on his burger, and only got a single, then he called her a whore, and said maybe she wanted the double meat instead. She got angry, and told her manager, a strange old man in a bathrobe. He came to the drive up window and told Ted what for. Read more

Breast Man

“What’s the matter Carl? You said you were a breast man,” said his soon to be ex-girlfriend Tawny. Read more

Rape No More!

As Harold was raping a girl, Lana, at the party while she was drunken, he was changed to a girl himself! The penis he was using to violate her didn’t stand a chance as it was changed to indoor plumbing instantly, much like that of Lana, his victim’s! Read more