They’re Gone

Once Tim and Jeff looked at their new crotches, the look of shock was on their faces, they realized that their former male equipment was gone, and their status as chicks was confirmed. They had been overhead in their conversation earlier, about women being inferior and good for one thing, and they girls overhearing it would have none of that from those two. Carl, one of the girls hearing this, said it was time to put them in their place.

As she walked by the two stunned looking chicks staring at their crotches, she knew her job was complete, and two humbled women was way better than two chauvinistic males.

Carla commented to the new women, “Are you girls ok? You two should have some men with you, I mean after all us girls are all inferior to men anyway, we need big strong men to protect us, right?”

Jeff on the right screamed, “What happened to us?!”

Tim on the left screamed, “We… we’re real CHICKS! This has to be a dream.”

Carla smiled, “Ah, two crazies huh? I guess you won’t need men to protect you, seems your craziness will scare anyone away. I know I’m leave, goodbye gals.”

They both looked down, then at each other and screamed again, their high pitches screams starting to garnish attention. Tim and Jeff would later find more than just their bodies had changed, as when they got to Tim’s car, it was changed, a big black sedan was now a small yellow economy car, and as they found their new licenses, they realized they were now Tiffany and Jessica. They would soon find no one even remembered Tim or Jeff, Tim was not on the football team, but Tiffany was on the quiz team, and Jeff was not going to college for business administration, but Jessica was going for fashion and cosmetology. Their parents referred to them as their daughters now, and both would soon find they had chauvinistic boyfriends as well, much like the men they were, but never would be again….


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