Beside Himself

Jeff was so full of himself and self centered, the old woman at the carnival could see right through him. She thought the world would be better served if this guy was taught a lesson in humility.

The woman said, “So Jeff, you love yourself that much? How about I take that love a step further, allowing you to truly love yourself?”

Thinking she would make him even better somehow, he agreed, nodding with a wicked grin. A whole new meaning to the term, “beside yourself” wrung true in Jeff’s mind as “he” realized what just transpired, and rather quickly at that.

First off suddenly he was home and lying on his bed, but that was not the half of it. His entire body felt different right away, softer, smaller, and the longer wavy dark hair was obvious right away, soft and silky smooth, framing his face, and in his right eye’s field of vision. His heavy chest pushed into the bedding, and his legs felt encased in something smooth, silky, and slippery, covering even his now much smaller feet. He new plumber lips opened ins shock as he realized his crotch was now empty feeling, and before him he seen himself, naked! It was as if he was actually beside himself, and he was someone else now. His erect cock looked so different from this new perspective, and something about this new perspective made him desire it almost. Soon he would realize what the old woman meant about him taking it a step further and him truly loving himself. He was now IN love with himself, as new feelings and desires welled up inside him, glancing over at the nearby mirror, the proof was in the pudding. He was an exact image of his perfect woman, now he was that perfect woman, and in love with his former self. How odd, yet how erotic at the same time, how astonishing, and how arousing for him as well, as his new crotch became moist.

In the back of his mind he heard the carnival woman one last time, “Now you can truly love yourself, as your own fantasy no less. Have a nice life, Miss Jessica, now you can love yourself all your pretty heart desires.”

Jeff, now Jessica’s mouth remained open in shock, allowing her former body to slide into it with that same wicked grin Jeff had earlier. At that moment, Jessica was getting a taste of truly loving herself, a taste of things to cum….


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