Rape No More!

As Harold was raping a girl, Lana, at the party while she was drunken, he was changed to a girl himself! The penis he was using to violate her didn’t stand a chance as it was changed to indoor plumbing instantly, much like that of Lana, his victim’s!

As Harold realized what had transpired he was in shock the tool he used for his domination and pleasure was gone, replace by one that would be dominated for pleasure! Lana managed to escape Harold’s clutches with his strength much less as a female. Then Harold’s buddies came in and whistled at the new female Harold!

“Woah, what do we have here,” his buddies said as they unzipped their huge cocks!

“I’m Harold, don’t do it,” said Harold in his new female voice but it was no use.

“Harold? Who’s Harold? All we know is we were told Hannah was ready to sleep with us in this room,” said one of the sex crazed horny men in the room!

The new Hannah screamed, realizing reality changed, and she was now the party slut on the receiving end of sex from them onward!


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