Flight of the Attendants

From left to right: Paul, Timothy, Wilson, Blake, and Simon were all airline pilots until they overstepped their bounds with Equal Air, a new airline company. They had all been caught on numerous occasions, not only flirting with flight attendants, but also demeaning them, degrading them, and basically being typical male chauvinists, but also ones that flew the planes. This allowed them some leeway, for awhile that is.

Eventually upper management and the CEO of Equal Air caught wind of this. They were based, as the name suggested on Equal fairness to employees and customers alike. The CEO brought in all five pilots to a special board meeting with upper management, not pleased at all with these employees, but also not one to fire easily either.

After much discussion, and back office deliberation, the CEO came out to the meeting table and spoke, “I’m not going to fire you five, but we come to the decision discipline will be maintained along with a lesson. All five of you have treated women workers poorly with numerous complaints and some even going as far as to quit. We’ve even heard complaints from female passengers of you five. This is not acceptable, and will not be tolerated, but then again this is a lenient company. You will remain employed with Equal Air for now, but with demotion. You will all be demoted to flight attendants effective immediately, but with one stipulation. You will be FEMALE flight attendants as well, to teach you humility, and a lesson about being fair to the opposite sex. You will all five BE members of the opposite sex from this time forward.”

Wilson and Blake yelled out in outrage, not even knowing what them becoming female attendants would achieve or how it would even be possible, unless there were getting enforced sex change surgeries and hormones.

Blake yelled, “You can’t do this to us. Despite all we’ve done, and we are sorry for all of it, all of us are, there is no way you can enforce a gender change on us. Demote us yes, but change us from men to woman? You are taking this too far, and this cannot be legal.”

The CEO replied, “Blake, you will be our first example, and yes it is legal, as your company has recently taken on a new right of engagement clause for unruly employees. This clause states we must do all we can to allow employees to remain employed, even the bad ones like you. However in that clause we are allowed to make ANY changes we see fit, short of hurting employees. We are not hurting any of you by making you women. If that was the case, half the population would be hurt and suffering and they are not. We are changing your perspectives so you learn to respect others not like yourselves, and you will comply. If you quit now, you will be in breach of contract and owe us no less than the sum of $100 million a piece and 30 years on prison without parole! You should have read over the paperwork before signing on FORMER pilots, and soon to be FORMER men. Welcome to flight attendant status and female status as well.”

Feeling little options left, the former pilots would have to comply, the defeated chauvinistic males realize quickly that even being female flight attendants would be better than owing $100 million and being thrown in prison for 30 years. Blake was escorted to the Chamber of Change, a secret military technology for covert operations, that Equal Air got its hands on in exchange for specs for their new engine design that was 20 years ahead of anything else out there currently.

When Blake returned to the meeting room, he was a small skinny blonde woman in complete flight attendant uniform. He kept looking down at himself in shock, and feeling himself up all over, his new mouth opened in stunned amazement. He was definitely now a she, and she was now demoted to flight attendant, wearing the mandatory female uniform as such, including heels and pantyhose. Blake kept feeling his long soft blonde hair, and his chest, afraid to reach below into his new skirt. He had become the very type of person he demeaned and degraded so many times before, he was the object of his own reticule, now a female flight attendant, no more no less, and definitely not male. It wasn’t even specified how long this would last. All Blake knew for now was this was his new identity.

The CEO declared at the meeting, “Blake Leon Harvey, you will now be Blair Lynn Hansen, provided with a new identity, off the grid, your former male self abolished in accordance with the company clause and in allowance with current laws. Welcome to Equal Air as our first male to female flight attendant using the Chamber of Change. Now as we proceed, we have four others who will need changes immediately. As for Miss Hansen, you will be seated Miss.”

Blake now Blair, sat there noticing her new body and outfit quit a bit, her skirt very revealing of her new long smooth legs encased in shimmery tan nylon, and her smaller feet wearing sensibly square heeled pumps. Many of the upper management eyes were on her now, eying her up and down, and she noticed this, she was a female in what she felt was a man’s world now, and these were just her first moments. She finally looked down the table, soon realizing just how badly she messed up as a pilot representing Equal Air.

Wilson was next, one of the two that quickly protested at the meeting, the CEO wanted to get them changed first to quiet down the meeting and any conflict. The other men remained quiet, awaiting their fates as flight attendants. Wilson Andrew Niles had become Willa Andrea Nelson, and later Paul Blain Jackson became Patsy Brenda Jakes. Timothy Donald Majors became Tiffany Donna Michaels, and finally Simon Nathanial Clark became Simone Nancy Clarington.

Even after the changes and all five new women were seated, Willa freaked out and got up yelling, “I AM NOT WILLA, I AM NOT A WOMAN, I WILL NOT BE A FLIGHT ATTENDANT. I WON’T BE YOUR BITCH!”

The CEO remained calm, “Take a look in the mirror, you ARE and YOU WILL BE. You should have thought of that when you felt up Ms. Lang, putting your hand under her skirt in front of families on the plane last month. Or having rough intercourse in the bathroom, while customers waited I line to use the bathroom, including one who shat himself in the isle making a big cleanup. So yes you ARE now WILLA, and you ARE a flight attendant. Let’s hope none of the other pilots do to you what you did to the flight attendants. If you feel a hand up your skirt, reaching in, you’ll finally know what it’s like to be sexual harassed as a woman, but we don’t condone that activity, and if another repeatedly offends he will be disciplined as well. Now be seated Miss or be escorted to jail until your trial and the mandatory 30 years. How would you like to owe $100 million and be put in a women’s prison until you are 60? I didn’t think you would like that Miss Willa Niles. Now sit.”

This made the other new attendants realize they were stuck in this situation, and would learn a valuable lesson about how to treat women, AS women.


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